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    Cuthbert Calculus is Tintin's friend, a genius and comic scientist. He is a little deaf in one ear but denies the fact. Always ready to help out his friends and is adventurous.

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    Professor Calculus is a genius inventor and also knows Savaté.
    Modeled after scientist Auguste Piccard
    Prof. Calculus' full name is Cuthbert Calculus. He first appeared in Red Rackham's Treasure. He is nearly deaf but refuses to believe that he has that problem. Most of the time, he understands only the end of sentences or words, which often led to funny and frustating misunderstandings.   
    His relations to female characters are quite surprising, and he is able to find all women charming, especially Peggy Alcazar, wife of General Alcazar, who is in no way a sex-symbol. Whenever he meets a woman. He kisses her on her hands. Morover, he is shown to be a great fan of the female singer, Bianca Castafiore
    In spite of his calm appearance he can get very angry, but he usually expresses few feelings, and is modest and reserved. The funny part is he often fails to interpret Captain Haddock's abuses but when he does hear them he gets pretty worked up. Like when he was called a goat by the Captain in Destination Moon. Calculus becomes mostly victim of the circumstances.  
    He was kidnapped by the goons of Syldavia for his scientific prowess which led to a series of adventures.  
    Both his appearance and his manner are an anachronism, and there is a subtle contrast between his behaviour, which is that of at least a century earlier, and his highly advanced inventions. For a while, Calculus himself does not change, but his scientific career progresses by leaps and bounds.  From being a small time inventor who invented the little submarine used in Red Rackham's Treasure he becomes a nuclear scientist in his Syldavian adventures.  He invents a nuclear powered rocket in the book Destination Moon. Later, he is one among the first persons to set foot on the Moon. 
    The last funny thing that the Professor does is to invent a drug that will terminate a drunkard's addiction to drinks if applied on him only once. His first victim is Captain Haddock. This happens in Tintin and the Picaros


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