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Professor Arturo is the physics teacher and a former war veteran who teaches at college where Quinn Mallory studies. He hates Quinn for being late and his bad behavior. However, he later realizes Quinn's potential rather than being a practical joker. 


Once Professor Arturo discovers Quinn Mallory's invention of interdimensional travel, he was surprised to see that Quinn did have potential rather than being a bad kid. Arturo joins with Quinn during his travels and encounters his parallel doubles unlike any other he have faced before. He also reunited with his late wife's double in the episode, "Eggheads" where the doubles of Quinn and Arturo have been rumored to slide to the next world. In "Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome" Arturo was replaced by his similar double and decides to take credit himself for the discovery of sliding. The rest of the sliders rescued Arturo and try to stop his double from sliding to the next world. However, the two Arturos fight each other and Arturo goes with the sliders to the next world where the other Arturo who was left behind. It wasn't confirmed that if the real Arturo have been stranded on Earth Double Prime or the wrong Arturo have joined with the sliders. Later, Arturo receives a terminal illness and tells Quinn about it and later decides to tell Rembrandt and Wade that he has a short life to live.  


In the 2-part episode, Exodus, Arturo tries to transport the whole population of another world which is about to be destroyed by pulsars. One of Maggie's military personnel, Colonel Rickman injects him and stole his brain cells leaving Arturo to be autistic. The sliders were about to go to the next slide when Rickman shot Arturo who protected the sliders from being shot. 

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