Proemial Gods

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    The Proemial Gods were created to maintain order in the living universe and each of them was given a specific task. They are now all believed to be dead.

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    The Proemial Gods consisted of Diableri of Chaos, Antiphon the Overseer, Brio of life, Tenebrous of the Darkness Between, and Aegis the Lady of All Sorrows, as well as numerous other unnamed and so far unrevealed members. They each performed their respective tasks, but the more they carried out their tasks, the less they were needed by the living universe, and as a result, they slowly began to fade from existence. Diableri sought to oppose this by setting out to recreate the universe under his control. He corrupted the other Proemial Gods, and they deviated from their true purpose. Diableri brought his battle to Galactus. In this battle, Diableri and most of Proemial Gods were killed and the only survivors were imprisoned by Galactus at the edge of the universe. These survivors were Aegis and Tenebrous. They remained imprisoned for centuries until the Annihilation wave destroyed their prison. They escaped, fought, and defeated Galactus and the Silver Surfer leaving them to Thanos, who experimented on them and drained them of their cosmic power. Aegis and Tenebrous returned to Galactus's prison to search for other surviving Proemial Gods. They only found the body of Antiphon the Overseer. By now the Silver Surfer and Galactus had escaped Thanos and Galactus sent Silver Surfer to find Aegis and Tenebrous. Silver Surfer found them and summoned Galactus, who was set on destroying them. Galactus arrived just in time to witness the Silver Surfer's unlikely victory over Aegis and Tenebrous. This marked the end of the Proemial God's existences presumably. They later seem to reemerge when they are all seen standing with all the other major entities holding against the oncoming invasion of the Cancerverse.


    The Proemial Gods were created as a team by writer Keith Giffen, and artists Renato Arlem and Scott Kolins. Aegis, the Lady of all Sorrows and Tenebrous of the Darkness Between were introduced during the Annihilation story in Annihilation: Silver Surfer #3, with the introduction of the team and remaining members, as well as their origin revealed in Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #2.

    Powers and Abilities

    Extremely powerful beings, the Proemial Gods possessed powers and abilities comparable to the being Galactus. Nearly as old as the Universe itself, they appeared to fulfill early and important functions and roles in the early universe. The Proemial Gods, can travel and move freely around the universe, either by teleportation or faster than light speeds. They can manipulate matter on and to a high degree, as well as manipulate their size and forms to various manners and effects. Their are 12 members of the Proemial Gods.


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