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    The Proctor was a villainous counterpart to the Black Knight, leader of the Gatherers and a major Avengers antagonist.

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    Rejected by his realities version of the Eternal known as Sersi, Proctor formed a group called the Gatherers comprised of members of the Avengers from alternate realities who aim to destroy all Sersis in all universes.


    Proctor was created by Bob Harras and Steve Epting and first appeared in The Avengers #344 in 1992.

    Powers & Abilities

    Being the Black Knight of his reality. Gann withholds in his possession the fabled Ebony Blade, a powerful enchanted incisor capable of sheering through any substance imaginable. Combined with Dane's expertise in swordsmanship makes him one of the most proficient warriors and bladesmaster in the multiverse. Due to succumbing to the murderous craze said sword induces in it's handlers; combined with the two way inextricable bond established between Serse and himself. The Gatherer would obtain immense powers similar to that of an Eternal himself. Including but not limited to incredible might & resilience, vast energy manipulation, matter transmogrification, potent mentalist abilities, teleportation and advanced longevity.


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