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Problem Sleuth is a prohibition era detective who's only goal in life is to sleuth and save dames. As Problem Sleuth(the story) begins PS finds himself trapped in his own office. As Problem Sleuth tries to find a way to escape, all the while preforming silly tasks such as turning his desk into a fort, he ends up enlisting the help of his neighbor and rival Ace Dick after he assist AD with some troubles of his own. The two team up in the realm of imagination, which can be accessed via the duo's desk forts, in order to get some important supplies. Unfortunately they're attacked by a large monster and their imagination selves are killed for a time. After even more weird puzzles PS and AD convince Pickle Inspector, another of PS's neighbors, to join them. With PI's help the trio defeat the imaginary monster who had killed them before and PS eventually escapes his office. He then faces off against hordes of Mobster Kingpin's thugs and monster with the help of two Ace Dicks(due to weird puzzles) and a thug which he hires. After a while this all leads to PS having a spirit quest where he creates peace between several waring factions. He then faces off against Demon Mobster Kingpin, along with the rest of Team Sleuth. In the end it is PS who deals the killing blow to DMK with a combination of his most powerful attack known as Sepulchritude and the sacrifice of his candy corn. PS survives and stays with Team Sleuth as they escape the apartment. 


Problem Sleuth his by far the most balance member of Team Sleuth, he posses average Vim, allowing him to lift most weapons,  he also has average Imagination, so while he is not as powerful as PI in the imagination realm he is still useful. Problem Sleuth's highest stat is that of his  Pulchritude, which makes him highly charismatic and allows him to be an expert Diplomat. Problem Sleuth's high Pulchritude also gives him access to the most powerful attack in the entire Problem Sleuth series,  Sepulchritude. 

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