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  Born without eyes, the woman that would go later take the name Probe had a tough life, picked on for her deformity. Eventually she joined the Posse, a gang of people like her, gifted with magical powers. The Posse dedicated their lives to protect gifted people from the law and the people who abused it. Probe uses her gift to help the cause.

She was the first to notice Jaime Reye's new found power.

Unable to pinpoint his "magical" ability and curious why she detected another person in him, she left only to return with Posse member Damper. The two offered him membership of the Posse, but she was psychically attacked by the Scarab in Jaime, and was admitted to a hospital.

One Year Later

 Her action during the missing year are unknown, but she was "collected" in hospital by the minions of local crimelord called La Dama, and was sent to Warehouse 13, a facility in the desert near El Paso where La Dama housed her unusual charges. After being rescued by Blue Beetle and the Posse, she chose to remain there, but she is still connected to the Posse.

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