Private H.I.V.E.

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    Private HIVE is a member of the H.I.V.E. Five and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

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    Very little is known about Private HIVE's origin. He was probably raised in a military family or attended a military school. At some point he joined the HIVE Academy, from which he took his alias. He remained there until the Academy was destroyed by Cyborg. Following this, he briefly allied himself with a team of fellow former students, the HIVE Five, and later joined up with the Brotherhood of Evil.


    Private HIVE was originally created for the Teen Titans animated television series. He made his first appearance in comics in Teen Titans Go! #26, written by J. Torres and illustrated by Mike Norton.

    Major Story Arcs

    Teen Titans Go!

    Private HIVE appears as a member of the HIVE Five and as a freelance villain who occasionally clashes with the Teen Titans. He at one point acts as a champion fighter in gladiatorial battles arranged by the Lanista. He is contracted by his hero General Immortus to infiltrate the Titans Tower, but learns to his anger that he was merely being used as a pawn. In revenge he captures Immortus himself. He is approached to help form a new Fearsome Five, but refuses as he no longer wants to take orders. Later, calling himself Sergeant HIVE, he creates an army of runaways and street kids, the Army Brats, that he uses to commit crime. He is eventually defeated.

    Powers and Abilities

    Private HIVE has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is at peak fitness, and is an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter. He wields a hexagonal shield that has a boomerang effect, always returning to him when thrown, which is done primarily as an offensive strike. He is also very knowledgeable about military protocol, and is a skilled tactician.

    Other Media


    Teen Titans

    Private HIVE appears as a minor villain in six episodes in this animated series, typically as a member of a villainous organisation. He made his first appearance in the episode "Deception," and his first major appearance in "Mother Mae-Eye." He was later frozen along with other villains in "Titans Together." He is voiced by Greg Cipes.


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