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Prisoner of War was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. He first appeared in Aquaman and the Otthers #7.

Powers & Abilities

Prisoner of War is a former marine with supernatural powers, combining his extensive training with his unique abilities.

Trained Marine

Prisoner of War is a fully trained former marine. He is an expert in armed and unarmed combat. He is also an expert on the use of weapons and military tactics. He was able to hold of Black Manta on his own and beat a team of mercenaries on his own without his manacles. He is in excellent physical condition (being a marine) and has great stamina (being able to fight on after being speared by Black Manta) and agility (being able to dance around multiple trained mercenaries).

Necromancy (Channel Abilities and Summoning)

Prisoner seems to have the ability to channel the skills of soldiers who have died around him. Not only does he share their skills but apparently he shares their memories and emotions. It is still unknown if he is acting as a conduit for these ghosts, as the family of one of his ghosts were able to recognize the deceased soldier in place of the Prisoner. After the events of Aquaman #13, Prisoner was able to make peace with his ghosts as he gives closure to their families.

He has used his abilities for various effects such as to channel the healing knowledge of an army medic, the detective skills of a former detective, the martial arts skills of a former MMA fighter and the knowledge of an expert drill instructor. He can also enhance his physical abilities like his strength with those of all the members of his ghost patrol.

The Prisoner also had the ability to summon a "Ghost Patrol" to aid him. These ghosts are those of the soldiers he fought with in the past. This ability was revealed In Aquman #20.

It is still not known how he came upon his powers or who is eligible to become part of his set of ghosts.

Force Field

Prisoner of War can create a very powerful force field by using his Atlantean Manacles. The field is strong enough to withstand an avalanche or a cave in.

The force field can also be used as a way to blast away foes with a shockwave.

Weaponry & Equipment

Atlantean Manacles

The Manacles are one of the seven Atlantean relics crafted by the first king of Atlantis. It is potentially indestructible, like all the other relics, and it has the ability to create a force field large enough to shield a small town. The exact limits of the size of the force field are yet to be revealed but Prisoner has mentioned that he cannot extend his field beyond the small town (Aquaman #8). The field is also strong enough to allow them to survive a cave in.

Additionally it can create shockwaves to clear out entire squads of opponents.


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