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    A former No. 2 warrior of the Organization. Priscilla was left mentally unstable after watching a yoma, posing as her father, eat her family. She was slated to be No. 1 after Teresa due to the monstrous potential she held within her. After awakening, this untapped power was released, and she became the strongest Awakened Being in existence.

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    Priscilla became a Claymore after a Yoma posing as her father slaughtered the rest of her family right before her eyes. She chopped off its head while it was eating her sibling's innards. This incident left her mentally traumatized and extremely unstable.

    Life as a Claymore

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    Despite her sheer power and incredible potential as a warrior, Priscilla's youth meant she was still a child, and as such was extremely naive and immature compared to older, more experienced Claymores. She was polite towards her opponents, and felt that battles should always be one-on-one. Her view of the world was entirely black-and-white ; a person was either absolutely right, or completely in the wrong, with no middle ground. This belief ultimately led to her mental breakdown when she was soundly defeated by the then-ranked #1, Teresa. That she, a righteous person, had lost to an enemy she considered 'evil', shook her faith and drove her to attack Teresa in a fit of blind rage and self-righteousness. Despite reaching and surpassing her limit, using over 80% of her Yoki, Priscilla was again defeated, even though Teresa had only released 10% of hers. Priscilla begged Teresa to kill her before she fully Awakened, causing Teresa to drop her guard. Priscilla then picked up her claymore and decapitated the unaware Teresa, though it remains unclear if this was part of a ruse from the start, or if she had genuinely lost control. She then proceeded to attack her comrades, killing both Noel and Sophia, while severely wounding Irene. She then flew off, leaving behind an extremely horrified Clare. As recounted by the Abyssal One Riful, Priscilla then flew North, slaughtering every man, woman, and boy in the town she passed through. Just as she had spared Clare's life, however, she never once harmed any young girls, as if they "didn't even get reflected in her eyes". She then fled to the North killing every being in the North except little girls,it was then Isley noticed this rampage and he then sent Rigardo to kill her,who Priscilla easily defeated.

    Fateful Encounter

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    Eventually, she came into conflict with the Awakened Being Isley Of the North they both battled,while it was first believed Isley beat her and decided to take her in, it was later shown that she handled Isley easily,but she lost her memory in the process.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Priscilla is of the strongest beings in the Claymore Universe. Her power makes even those of the Abyssal Ones pale in comparison, and is only surpassed by an 'Awakened' Teresa and the Destroyer.

    Priscilla posses the following powers and abilities:

    Strength: Priscilla strength far exceeds that of normal humans,she has been able to stop spike shot out by the Destroyer with minimal effort, destroy half of Isley body in a split second, and match blows with Dauf.

    Speed: Priscilla posses a degree of super speed that even other Claymore's can't match.She has been able to easily dodge a charging Clare,amputate Irena's arm before could comprehend it and appear before Riful from a seemingly long distance, before the aforementioned realized she traveled.

    Durability: Priscilla's has durability that allows her to take hit's from Dauf, an blows from the reborn Riful.

    Regeneration: Priscilla regeneration is near limitless and can recover from virtually any injury in battle it was also shown that her regeneration in near instantaneous.She was able to regenerate half her body in her battle against Dauf and was able to regenerate from being nearly decapitated by Riful. It was later explained that Priscilla does not actually regenerates but creates matter from nothing and it varies with her emotion.

    Swordsmanship: Being one of the greatest Claymore Warriors in the history of the Organization; Priscilla is highly skilled swordsman. Because of her adeptness with a blade, she has fought her way through a horde of Yoma in her weakest form, and at her highest - was able to effectively slay Empress Riful while she far more powerful than normal, do to being effected by the parasitic rods of Destroyer.


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