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Battle of the Planets

Princess in civilian clothes
Princess in civilian clothes

Princess (occasionally referred to as Jun, her name in the original Japanese animation Gatchaman) has spent her entire life under the care of Director Anderson, the father figure and chief of the team, G-Force. As a young child, Princess was sent to learn meditation in the small village of Danya located within the Himalayan Mountains. She spent six months there, learning under the tutelage of her sensei, Madiana. Since then she's received extensive combat training as a ninja and ,along with the other members of her team, is unmatched in fighting skill against any opponent.

In the present, Princess is sixteen years old. She's been a target of romantic interest from her teammates, Mark and Jason, and acts as a big sister to Keyop. She frequents a bar called Club J, though it's not made clear whether she actually works there. (In the animated version of Battle of the Planets, she owns a bar named Snack Jun.) Of the five G-Force team members, she is ranked third behind Mark and Jason, and her bird designation is a swan. With the other four she becomes part of their ultimate attack, the Whirlwind Pyramid.


Enjoy the view. It may be your last...
Enjoy the view. It may be your last...

Princess wears a wrist bracelet which enables her to transform by shouting, "Transmute!" Her clothes are replaced by a pink mini-skirt uniform with white gloves, boots, and a cape, and a helmet with a long visor made to resemble a bird's bill. Attached to her belt is her weapon of choice: an explosive yo-yo. Its unique design includes a long spike capable of penetrating metal armor. She throws it with unerring accuracy and can choose to either use it as a blunt force weapon or detonate it to destroy more dangerous targets.

She is extremely proficient at riding motorcycles and often uses a technologically advanced version that can transform into a jet-ski. The upper half can hinge open to reveal a large double-barreled blaster weapon.


Princess has teamed up with Cheetara when the team landed on Thundara to help the Thundercats against Spectra.

Also, Princess was found to be a desirable host for the Witchblade , and it fed off both her hate and her innate power until her teammates managed to rescue her from its control.

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