Princess Tiger Lily

    Character » Princess Tiger Lily appears in 24 issues.

    The princess of the Indian tribe (Native American) in the Grimm Fairy Tales version of the adventures in Neverland.

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    Little is known of her origin.  She is a member of the tribe in Neverland which is meant to represent Native Americans, and she is the princess of this tribe.   


    The character first appeared in the novel Peter Pan.  Her first appearance in Grimm Fairy Tales continuity was in issue #3 of Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Neverland

    Character Evolution 

    The character serves as more of a stock character as she does not often talk.  Nonetheless she has learned to trust other characters such as Nathan Cross and Wendy Darling.

    Major Story Arcs 

    The character is first seen as Pan is seeking an alternate portal to Earth so that he can be rid of Tinker Belle.  He suspects that Tiger Lily's tribe has knowledge of the ancient portals but is choosing to keep that knowledge hidden from him.  He threatens her tribe if she does not tell him (though in fact it seems that she is in fact telling the truth.)  She returns to her tribe and finds Nathan Cross, Doctor Harlow and Wendy Darling who have been captured and bound.  She suspects that they are agents of Pan and debates their future.  Eventually Pan shows up and takes Wendy and kills tiger Lily's father.   After this he vows revenge on Pan and sees Nathan as an ally. Eventually she and Ashunta take part in a storming of the castle to depose Pan, which is ultimately only successful when Tinker Belle transfers the battle to New York City
    Some time later more attacks occur in New York City and Nathan suspects it is the work of a resident of Neverland.  He returns to the realm and finds that Barr has assumed control and has imposed a tyrannical rule.  Barr seeks the sacred child of Tiger Lily's tribe in order to grow his own power.  Tiger Lily and her tribe are held captive on a ship while Nathan leaves with Barr, but Barr has left the message with his crew to kill Tiger Lily and the rest as soon as he sends the signal.  This may have been successful if not for the timely arrival of the remainder of the heroes from New York City, and they manage to fight off Barr's forces.  The remaining heroes head off to help Nathan who stops Barr from transferring New York City into Neverland.   

    Power and Abilities 

    She is a regular human though adept in hand-to-hand combat.  

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