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    Princess of the Microverse

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    Pearla was a Princess of Sub-Atomica. When Doctor Doom was shrunk to sub-atomic level by the Fantastic Four, he ended on her realm. He posed as a benevolent sorcerer to earn the trust of the King and his daughter, Pearla. He used said trust to have built a molecular ray. He shrunk both members of the royal family and captured him. Doom had the King pronounce his resignation of the throne and proclamation of the sorcerer as his heir. A deal sealed with Doom's engagement to Pearla.

    Doom was eventually followed by the Fantastic Four and Ant-Man/ Hank Pym. They managed to force him to flee back to Earth. They then prepared to depart themselves. Pearla tried to convince the Human Torch not to leave, having fallen for him.

    She was next seen several years later as Queen Pearla, waging war on the neighboring planet of the Lizard Men. She enslaved Thing to use him as part of her invasion force. Thing was saved by Ant-Man/ Scott Lang and the duo forced the two belligerent factions to sign a peace treaty. Subsequent tales involved her trying to keep her own kingdom free of Psycho-Man's ambitions.


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