Princess Painting

    Character » Princess Painting appears in 7 issues.

    The daughter of the Painting King.

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    Princess Painting is the daughter of Painting King and is the princess of the Kingdom of Painting. She posts a Quest request explaining that she has been kidnapped by a Monkey Wizard on the reverse side of a Questing board which is subsequently picked up by Finn the Human and Jake the Dog who require some urgent questing. When they arrive at the Painting Castle they are greeted by the Painting King who fields their questions regarding his daughters kidnapping. Painting King is confused and calls down his daughter informing Jake and Finn she is right there. Painting Princess clarifies to Finn and Jake informing them that they took a notice from the back of the Questing Board which means its in reverse and that they need to make the Monkey Wizard kidnap her.

    They are also warmed that if they fail to accomplish this that Ooo would be doomed.


    Princess Painting is a Boom! Studioes published character created by writers Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover and artist Wook Jin Clark. Princess Painting first appears in Adventure Time: The Flip Side.

    Powers and Abilities

    Princess Painting's head is a canvas that continuously changes and displays various painted portraits in all manner of different painting styles, themes and homages to famous paintings.


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