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    The Princess of Atlantis and daughter of Aquaman and Mera.

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    Early Life

    Aquaman and Mera's daughter. Born in Atlantis following the events of the Black Manta attack on Amnesty Bay during the Year of the Villain events. Following the destruction of the Mecha-Manta, Mera is transferred to Atlantis for medical attention. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Princess Andy is born and her mother falls into a coma.

    After this, Andy grew up for almost a year in Amnesty Bay with her father, Tula, and the Sea Gods of the World. A short time later, the princess is kidnapped by Lernaea following an order from her uncle Orm. Soon after, Aqualad, Tula and Arthur find her thanks to the technology of the Mecha-Manta and return with her to Amnesty Bay.

    After these events, the Sea Gods of the World decide to get involved and become her guardians, protecting her so that her father can hunt down her captors. As a result, Princess Andy finds herself in the supernatural kingdom of Mother Shark, protected from potential enemies.

    Eventually Mera wakes from her coma and dissolves the Atlantean monarchy. Following that Andy is reunited with her parents, who decide to make their home at the Lighthouse in Amnesty Bay. She is also present at the wedding of her mom and dad which is attended by family, friends and members of the Justice League.


    Atlantean/Human Hybrid:

    • Amphibian: Adaptable to live on both land and under water,.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Enhanced Senses
      • Enhanced Vision
      • Enhanced Hearing
    • Hydro-kinesis: As a descendant of the Xebellian Royal Family Aquawoman possesses the mystical ability to control water.
    • Marine Mind Control: Unlike her father Aquaman who can communicate with marine life Andy can only control sea life rather than communicate with it, an ability she feels is morally wrong and rarely uses.


    • Advance Hand to Hand Combat
    • Archery
    • Hunting
    • Survival
    • Tracking


    • Gauntlets: Aquawoman is equipped with bladed gauntlets forged in the depths of the Trench. These are capable of damaging Kryptonian and White Martian.

    Personal Information


    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Red


    • Species: Human/Atlantean Hybrad
    • Citizenship: American, Atlantean
    • Born in: Atlantis
    • Martial Status: Single
    • Known Relatives: Mera (mother), Aquaman (Andy Curry, father), Tempest (Garth, adopted brother), Ocean Master (Orm, uncle), Tula (aunt), Siren (Hila, aunt), Ryus (grandfather, deceased), Atlanna (grandmother, deceased), Tom Curry (grandfather, deceased), Lammia (great-grandmother, deceased), Orin (ancestor, deceased)

    Alternate Realities

    Future State

    In Future State, Andy goes by the code name Aqualass before transitioning to Aquawoman.

    She first started out being trained by her father's mentee, Aquaman (Jackson Hyde). On one mission to capture Black Manta, Andy went against orders and attacked him, causing her to be knocked out. Andy and Jackson ended up falling into The Convergence where they travelled different worlds and helped people out in an attempt to get home. Eventually, they get attacked by a sea monster. Jackson was able to escape but Andy wasn't. He tried to keep hold of her by grabbing her leg but Andy forced him to let go, not wanting Jackson to get hurt, by cutting off her own leg.

    They then get separated and Andy entered a different world where she got a temporary amputee for her leg. She travelled different worlds and helped people on her quest to find Jackson. After six years, she found him in the prison Neptune and freed him. They reunited and Andy returned home.

    Then, she joined the new Justice League, taking on her father's role, and began a secret (but eventually revealed) relationship with Flash (Jess Chambers).


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