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    Alyss Heart is the daughter of Queen Genevieve and King Nolan Heart. She eventually becomes the Queen of Wonderland after a battle against her evil aunt, Redd. She is able to create physical objects with her powers of Imagination, a magical power in Wonderland similar to reality warping.

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    Alyss Heart is the daughter of King Nolan Heart and Queen Genevieve Heart. She was born with the ability to harness the power of imagination, practicing it in it's more pure form known as White Imagination. She was forced to "grow up" at a young age to her evil aunt, Redd, trying to overthrow the Queendom & rule Wonderland.


    Alyss Heart was created by Frank Beddor as one of the main characters in his book series.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Looking Glass Wars

    Princess Alyss Heart was born to King Nolan Heart and Queen Genevieve Heart a short time after a war between those who practiced White Imagination and those who practiced Black Imagination. As a child she was a creator of mischief, and often caused pranks with her childhood friend and future love interest, Dodge Anders, the son of Sir Justice Anders, Captain of the Palace Guard. On her 7th birthday the Queendom is attacked by Genevieve's evil sister, Redd Heart. Redd, a master of black imagination, had been building up her power to overthrow the Queendom, which she believed was rightfully hers. Alyss then watches Sir Justice Anders die at the hands of Redd's assassin and bodyguard, The Cat. Alyss is then quickly scooped up by Hatter Madigan, Genevieve's body guard, who has been tasked with keeping her safe until she is old enough to rule the Queendom.

    With Hatter Madigan she is able to safely maneuver the battlefield that once was her home. Eventually the pair make it to the Pool of Tears, a portal that links Wonderland to Earth. Alyss and Madigan jump into the portal, though she loses her grasp on Madigan's hand, and ends up in London, England. Lost, alone, and without Madigan to protect her she must fend for herself on the streets.

    Alyss finds a group of Street Orphans who work together to obtain food to survive, though she is quickly abandoned by them after a failed attempt at stealing food. Alyss is taken by an orphanage in the hopes that she'll be raised by a better family. Alyss is eventually found and adopted by the Liddell family, who insist that her name be spelled 'Alice'. Alyss is quickly given the nickname "Odd Alice" as she often tells stories of her times in Wonderland, her true home. Eventually she meets a man named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who listens to her tales and stories and begins writing a book about them.

    Alyss eventually cuts her ties with Dodgson after the release of the book because it was humiliating to her, she had told him the complete truth about Wonderland yet he believed them to be false tales. Distraught and upset she begins to lose her faith that she'll return to Wonderland, which in turn, reduces her powers of Imagination. Eventually she comes to terms with the Earth world and is scheduled to marry a Prince by the name of Leopold, however the wedding ceremony is interrupted by her childhood friend, Dodge Anders, and she is brought back to wonderland.

    Alyss is told that there is a resistance force that has continued to fight for her during the 13 year period that she was missing from Wonderland, this force is called the Alyssians. She learns that the force is led by General Doppleganger, who can split himself into various parts to become Generals Dopple and Ganger. Hatter Madigan also meets up with Alyss for he had been given medical attention by the Alyssians after becoming injured on Earth. Alyss, along with the General, Hatter Madigan, Dodge Anders, and her old tutor, Bibwit Harte, begin their quest to overthrow Redd.

    Together this group assists Alyss in finding the Looking Glass Maze, a maze that must be completed by future Queens of Wonderland to increase their powers. Alyss is able to complete the maze and increase her powers enough to stand a chance against Redd. With the Alyssian forces ready to fight for her they storm the Palace and begin their attack.

    Alyss faces off against her aunt, Redd, who despite being incredibly powerful, can't defeat Alyss in battle. Within her final moments Redd throws herself into an object known as the Heart Crysta, something that nobody in the past had done. Redd's remaining forces are then dispatched by the Alyssian's, making Alyss the Queen of Wonderland.

    Seeing Redd

    Shortly after these events Redd escapes from the Crystal and begins amassing her forces for another attack on Wonderland. Alyss has been busy dealing with her neighbor, King Arch, ruler of Borderland, asking if he would assist Wonderland if Redd was ever to attack again. Unknown to Alyss, Arch was once the love interest of Redd, and plans on attacking Wonderland the first chance he gets.

    Alyss's bodyguard, Homburg Molly, who assisted the Alyssians in finding the Looking Glass Maze, is captured by King Arch. Shortly after this happens Hatter Madigan, who had been granted leave by Alyss, returns and informs her that Molly is his daughter. Alyss gives him instructions to stay with the Queendom, though he goes against her direct commands and works as an agent in Borderland, staying undercover in hopes to find his daughter.

    Eventually Redd returns with a new army, including forces she found on Earth, and goes to Borderland to deal with King Arch. Redd is able to turn Arch's forces against him and begins her attack on Wonderland. Due to the sheer power that Redd has at this point all seems lost for Alyss and her Queendom, however Hatter Madigan returns his service to Alyss, explaining that he had discovered a weapon of mass destruction built by King Arch that could save her. Alyss tells Hatter to activate the weapon, which defeats Redd's army though it renders both Alyss and Redd unable to use their powers of imagination.

    Arch Enemy

    Shorty after these events one of the Royal Families, the Clubs, begin a revolution against Alyss and start attacking her Queendom. The reason for this revolution is that the Clubs have never been able to harness the powers of imagination and loathe Alyss due to the fact that she can. Alyss decides to attend one of the Anti-Imagination meetings held by the Clubs, guarded by Dodge Anders. At this meeting she and Dodge are discovered and attacked by the Clubs, though she is saved by a man known as Mutty P. Dumphy. Dumphy realizes that Alyss posses strong powers of imagination, though she is currently unable to do so, and he hides her in a transport used by the Clubs. She is then transported to a Limbo Coop with Dodge and Dumphy, where she pretends to be a prisoner until her imagination can fully recover.

    In her absence the Queendom is taken over by King Arch of Borderland, who was able to wrench away his forces from Redd and bring them back under his command. Alyss then becomes a fugitive in her own home and must somehow escape. She gains her powers of imagination and is able to escape the Limbo Coop with Dodge. Shortly after this she creates a mind link with her Aunt Redd who believes it is best to work together against Arch, though the two hate each other. Soon after this event Alyss is visited by a Caterpillar Oracle, who tells her that she must go to Earth for she will discover a way to defeat Redd and Arch. Alyss makes it to Earth though it is quickly revealed that doing so was a trap created by Arch, who then drains the Pool of Tears, destroying any chance of her returning to Wonderland.

    Alyss wanders around Earth until she finally decides to return to her old family, the Liddells. Alyss had created a duplicate of herself that believed it was Alice Liddell so that her old family wouldn't worry about where she had been. When Alyss arrives at their home she finds that one of King Arches assassins had gone to Earth and was going to attack the Liddell family, forcing Alyss to use her magical powers of Imagination on Earth in front of her old family. Alyss does so and is able to kill the assassin, though she then flees from the scene.

    Alyss eventually meets up with Homburg Molly, the daughter of Hatter Madigan, who had also been brought to Earth for her safety. Molly has been training in the art of Alchemy, an art that her mother, who died during the 2nd battle against Redd, had been proficient in. After mastering the art of Alchemy she is able to create another Pool of Tears that allows herself and Queen Alyss to travel through. Once back in Wonderland she discovers that Redd has been battling Arch, and that Redd was able to complete her Looking Glass Maze, making her even stronger than before.

    Alyss takes her Alyssians and goes to the battlefield where the forces of Arch and Redd had been fighting. Alyss learns that Redd had almost killed Arch, however he was able to escape through a small puddle of the Pool of Tears, his fate is unknown. Alyss meets her Aunt on the battleground, who has become incredibly powerful due to her finding the Heart Crystal after Arch had hidden it. Alyss orders an orbital strike on Redd's forces. This attack damages the Crystal, causing it to explode killing Redd and the remnants of her army.

    Alyss once again becomes the Queen of Wonderland, and with the Crystal being destroyed and releasing the powers of Imagination, is able to settle down. She then begins a relationship with childhood friend and watchful guardian Dodge Anders, where the two live happily ever after. The fate of Arch is unknown.

    Powers & Abilities

    Alyss has access to a magical ability known as 'Imagination'. She obtained this ability due to genetics, as she is from Wonderland though not all Wonderlanders have the ability of Imagination. From a young age she was trained by Bibwit Hare, the Royal Tutor, on how to use these powers.

    During her time spent in the real world with the Liddel family she began to lose control of her powers, eventually forgetting how to use them. This is thought to be an effect of being away from her homeland which contains the Heart Crystal. Shorty after returning to Wonderland after 13 years of being absent she regains her abilities.

    With her powers she can create a wide variety of different effects

    • Illusion Casting - Alyss can create illusions or holograms using her imagination. She has been shown to create images of herself that she projected all over the Queendom in order to prevent Redd from finding the real Alyss
    • Reality Warping - Alyss is able to create objects out of thin air using her abilties, thus she can warp reality. As she grew older the effects of this power became more and more powerful as she was able to create or distort more and more objects
    • Magical Blasts - She can fire blasts of pure imagination at her foes to blow them away, causing great harm.


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