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    Prince is a prolific song writer and recording artist.

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    Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016) was prolific song writer, producer and recording artist. He is most famous for his work under Warner Brothers' Studios. Warner Brothers and Prince no longer have a working relationship. A lot of Prince's released current music is released independently by him. He has written songs for The Bangles, with "Manic Monday", both "The Family" and Sinéad O'Connor records versions of "Nothing Compares to you" and artist like Alicia Key's have covered "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?"

    Prince has had a lot of Romantic flings with women that became famous after being with him. Vanity, Carmen Electra and Sheila E are some of the more famous names. He has also been romantically linked to, Madonna and Kim Basinger.

    He was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Moved to New York in the peak of his music career. Found and lost love in his mid to late 40s when he lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is now back in Minnesota.

    Prince's Relationship with Comics

    Prince was a Batman fan. When Tim Burton was working on the 1989 Batman movie, there were two soundtracks created. The Score soundtrack contained Danny Elfman's musical scores. The other sound track was a musical tie-in of Prince to Batman. The Prince soundtrack is the more famous one with sounds like "Batdance" and "Party Man" are very iconic to the movie.

    The logic to having Prince on The Batman soundtrack would increase exposure to both him and the movie. Prince never found the same success as he did with Purple Rain and this was one of Warner Brother's ideas to try to respark his magic.

    "Gemini" would be the famous alias of Prince's at this time. Gemini was his Batman/Joker mashed up inspired character in the Batdance music video.

    Prince in Comics

    Prince has been in a few comics. Most notably was Rock N' Roll Comics #21, which serves as a bio book. The other two key appearances were the two Piranha Press books: Prince - Alter Ego and Prince and The New Power Generation - Three Chains of Gold.

    Later Kyle Baker would include a sketch of Prince in his Undercover Genie: The Irreverent Conjurings of An Illustrative Aladdin Original Graphic Novel.


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