Prince Xizor

    Character » Prince Xizor appears in 24 issues.

    Falleen crime-lord, Head of the Black Sun crime syndicate. He sought to replace Darth Vader at the Emperor's side.

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    Early Life

    Xizor was born into a wealthy royal Falleen family. He was also head of Xizor Transport Systems and had already become a trillionaire in the last years of the Galactic Republic. He initially made his presence known on the planet Coruscant by erecting a palace. His extravagant tastes where evident from an early age due to his royal upbringing.

    Black Sun

    By the time of the Clone Wars Xizor had already climbed to the top ranks of the Black Sun crime syndicate. It was during this time the organization nearly fell apart because a deal with the Hutts didn't go as planned. The Falleen prince waited out galaxy spread conflict to seize the opportune moment.

    Rise To Power

    After the Clone Wars ended and the Galactic Empire was formed, Xizor began to create a close relationship with the new Emperor.

    Months after the rise of the Empire he was one of the strongest contenders to become Vigo (leader) of the Black Sun.


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