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    Prince Wayfinder of Ithacon is a blind time-traveler from Earth-7614 who evolved into The Enigma Force and created The Microverse using The Sword in the Star in order to save his people from total annihilation during their brief stay on Earth-616.

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    Wayfinder of House Ithacon
    Wayfinder of House Ithacon

    Wayfinder was born to the King and Queen of Ithacon on an rather particular day when an eagle killed a raven overhead as the newborn Wayfinder took his first breaths. A priest, curious about the omen, looked it up in the Star-Annals of Ithacon and discovered much to the sorrow of Wayfinder's father and mother that he was sixteenth in the royal line of the House of Ithacon, as an ancient prophecy stated that the line of succession ended with the fifteenth in line, referring to the King of Ithacon himself.

    It was for this reason that the name Wayfinder was given to the newborn prince, a fact that would be kept hidden for much of his life. When Wayfinder was about fifteen years old, just one year shy of being eligible for his Age of Confirmation ceremony, The Haamin descended upon his homeworld and began laying waste to their entire civilization.

    On the final day of the Haamin invasion, as they were making their last pass over the planet, Wayfinder's father and the court wizard Delphos told the young prince the truth that had been kept hidden from him since birth.

    The truth being that he would never be king nor would he die with his father on the battlefield as the Gods had other paths for him to walk, ways that would lead him to a time when he would return to his homeworld.

    To a day when he would see with more than his eyes and that the sword he would bear in his blistered hands would glow with the fires of stars. Wayfinder, being trained from childhood to be a warrior born, railed against this prophecy but once his father made it clear that he had no choice Wayfinder decided to bow to his king's wishes but proclaimed that he no longer had a father, breaking his dying father's heart. With no time to spare, Wayfinder and Delphos headed for a secluded cavern a few miles from the battlefield but upon reaching the far edge of the field The Haamin made their final pass.

    During those horrific final moments, in which the Haamin slaughtered the remaining Ithacons, Wayfinder would become the first person to ever lay eyes on The Haamin themselves, a futile effort it would turn out as they completely encased their true forms beneath the same black shroud that cases their ebony ships. The horror of watching his entire race die was so great that when the Haamin landed the final killing blow upon his people Wayfinder found he could do nothing but throw his hands up and scream from the very depths of his soul.

    The Death of Delphos
    The Death of Delphos

    Eventually, Wayfinder and Delphos would make their way to the cavern where Delphos had set up a laboratory filled to the brim with ancient artifacts that the long-lived sorcerer, who was actually a chemist, had brought with him to Ithacon from his homeworld of Earth nearly 15,000 years prior when the planet was evacuated in the wake of a man-made catastrophe that rendered it incapable of supporting life. Through the one-time use of a device known as "The Teacher", Wayfinder would learn not only the fate of Humanity but also the dark origins of The Haamin who were human colonists that fled into madness beyond the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy only to be transformed into something different.

    Following his impromptu history lesson, Wayfinder and Delphos would find themselves on the run once more as The Haamin had returned to Ithacon upon realizing there were still two life signs still on the planet. They would flee upon The Star-Seed, a majestic starship piloted by the artificial intelligence known as Alkinoos where Wayfinder would use his sword to project waves of sound at the Haamin vessels in order to keep them off-balance. Unfortunately, Delphos would be fatally wounded during the firefight and before his death asked that Wayfinder think before using the sword mentioned in the prophecy outright, to which he agreed.

    While entering the solar sphere of Tau Ceti/Codefix Cetus, Wayfinder and Alkinoos held a ritualistic ceremony of their own making for Delphos by playing a recording of his final instructions and words of wisdom to Wayfinder before casting his body into the depths of space and making an offering of blood to the stars as payment for Delphos' journey into the world beyond. With that grim business over with, Wayfinder enquired as to the state of their provisions only to learn that there was not enough time to pack any, worse still they had been caught in the gravitational pull of a planet called Hailailae or Witch-World as it was better known.

    Upon making it to the surface of the planet mostly unscathed, Wayfinder would leave Alkinoos with the Star-Seed while he sought out food and water for their journey. It would be in the dense jungles of Hailailae that Wayfinder would encounter Rocket Raccoon or "Rocky" as he called himself, a snarky cigar-smoking anthropomorphic rodent who spoke with an accent similar to that of Old English. After a short greeting, Rocket would lead Wayfinder to a field of Doonboggles, a type of flower favored by the fearsome Plagueosaur, which just so happened to attack Wayfinder and Rocket shortly after their arrival.

    A tense battle followed that ended with Wayfinder killing the beast using his sonic blade, but before they could claim it's corpse as their dinner for the night, they were beset upon by the ancient witch of myth Kirke and her Knights whom they initially overwhelmed until Kirke used her magic to defeat Wayfinder and Rocket.

    What happened following this encounter is not entirely known but eventually Kirke and her knights would join Wayfinder, Alkinoos and Rocket on their journey through the cosmos in search of the legendary Sword in the Star, picking up more survivors of the Haamin's onslaught such as the beautiful illusionist named Mara the Dreamer and the powerful sword-singer named Yama the Death-God as they ventured further into deep space.

    The Story of Wayfinder and Chaos.
    The Story of Wayfinder and Chaos.

    Wayfinder would eventually find the Sword in the Star and acquire cosmic awareness at the cost of his eyesight, a fair trade as he was now able to "see with more than his eyes" just as the prophecy said. Wayfinder and his Wanderers would end up using the power of the Sword to travel into the distant past in order to escape The Haamin once and for all.

    They would arrive on Earth in the year 1,000,000 B.C. in what would one day become India where they established a great city for the Wanderers to thrive. Unfortunately, Earth at this time was inhabited by fearsome demons like Mephisto and Chaos, who challenged Wayfinder's right to exist on what they perceived as being their planet.

    Things would come to a head when Chaos and his Whirldemons ravaged the city, forcing Wayfinder to fuse with the power of the Sword in the Star, becoming The Enigma Force and creating The Microverse in the process as a true safe haven for his people. Wayfinder would also imprison Chaos and his kin in another dimension, leaving Mephisto unopposed on Earth for centuries to come. Not much is known of Wayfinder's life following these events but what is known is that he eventually sired children with one or more women, Mara the Dreamer being a potential bride. Wayfinder's body eventually perished while his soul and consciousness continued to exist in the form of The Enigma Force.

    Prince Wayfinder's known descendants are Dallan Rann and his son Arcturus, however, recent developments involving Laura Kinney (the mutant heroine known as X-23) seem to suggest that she too is also a descendant of the House of Ithacon, though it was not made clear whether she inherited Wayfinder's DNA through her father Wolverine or through her mother Dr. Sarah Kinney.

    Powers and Equipment

    Sonic Blade

    Wayfinder's first weapon was an Ithacon-made Vibranium-esque sword that could vibrate using soundwaves on different frequencies to cut directly through the thickest layers of armor, this blade was also capable of projecting waves of pure sound at opponents from afar, making it extremely lethal at both up close and long-distance.

    The Sword in the Star

    The Sword in the Star had a mind of its own but gave Wayfinder limited access to its time-travel properties as well as giving him cosmic awareness in exchange for his eyesight. When Wayfinder eventually fused with the sword's power it transformed him into The Enigma Force, allowing access to a wide array of God-like powers and abilities.


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