Prince Tristan

    Character » Prince Tristan appears in 6 issues.

    Prince Tristan of Galador is ROM and Brandy Clark's youngest son. He is the sole inheritor of his Father's Dire Wraith banishing weapon Axadar and the third person to hold the title of Liberator.

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    From the depths of Outer Space, the Spaceknights where the guardians of the galaxy against the threat of the evil Dire Wraiths. They spent years fighting them but finally succeeded in banishing the Dire Wraiths from earth and space. The Spaceknight known as ROM, successful in his mission, planed to return to his home to become king of his home-world. 
    However something went wrong, ROM disappeared, never to return again. It was now up to ROM's two sons to take over and carry on his legacy. Tristan, also known as the Liberator was the premiere candidate and became the new king of his people. Balin, the Terminator was his younger brother and fought with him during many battles.
    Later, the newest generation of Spaceknights faced off against the returning thread of the Dire Wriaths.
    What had become of Tristan after the mini-series remains to be seen.

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