Prince Ra-Man

    Character » Prince Ra-Man appears in 48 issues.

    A mystical sleuth with the powers of mind-over-matter and the memories of occult investigator Mark Merlin.

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    This article is about Prince Ra-Man, a reincarnated prince. For the man who was responsible for his resurrection, and whose memories inhabit Ra-Man, see Mark Merlin


    An ancient prince of the Ra-Realm and apparent descendant of the sun god Ra, the young Prince Ra-Man died suddenly and unexpectedly. Some 4,000 years later he was resurrected by the trapped Mark Merlin, receiving Merlin's memories in the process. Taking up Merlin's work, Ra-Man became an occult investigator.


    Prince Ra-Man was created by Bob Haney and Bernard Baily. He made his first appearance in House of Secrets #73.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    Introduced in the Silver Age, most of Prince Ra-Man's origin and known powers were introduced in this Age.

    Bronze Age

    During the Bronze Age small elements of his resurrection were retconned, emphasizing that Ra-Man and Merlin are indeed two separate entities.

    Modern Age

    Prince Ra-Man was reintroduced in the Modern Age, living in Hell. Whether he is alive or was sent to Hell upon his death is unclear.

    Major Story Arcs

    House of Secrets

    Prince Ra-Man takes Mark Merlin's place after Merlin sacrifices himself in order to ensure someone will save Elsa. He engages in investigations into apparently supernatural occurrences with the help of Elsa.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Ra-Man joins in the fight against the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons in New Orleans during the Crisis. During the fighting he is struck by a shadow demon, and dies.

    Reign in Hell

    Ra-Man becomes the chief advisor and secretary of state to Lord Satanus during his attempt to control Hell. He helps to monitor and advance the war efforts.

    Alternate Versions

    DC Universe Online Legends

    Ra-Man briefly appears in this adaptation of the video game.

    Powers and Abilities

    Prince Ra-Man possesses the power of mind-over-matter, the exact extent and nature of which is unknown; he has displayed a psychic ability, and the capacity for telekinesis. As he inherited Mark Merlin's memories, he is a skilled and knowledgeable occultist who is well-versed in stage magic and fakery. He has extensive experience with investigation, particularly of the paranormal.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Ra-Man possesses a Magic Eye, which allows him to project illusions. He also carries a cat charm, with which he can project his soul into his cat, Memakata.


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