Prince Erik

    Character » Prince Erik appears in 13 issues.

    Sela's one time lover and father of her child.

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    Prince Erik seems to be the inspiration for the nutcracker prince. He was once the lover of Sela and eventually Sela became pregnant. Because Prince Erik refused to join the forces of the Dark One, the Dark One had Sela kidnapped by Ares. Tracking Ares for days, Prince Erik found that the trail ended at a secluded cave in the mountains.There he saw he was too late, their child had already been taken from Sela. He left Sela in the care of the Council of the Five Realms and went after the Dark One. He was struck on his head by Orcus. The Dark One had Prince Erik imprisoned. Details are unclear, but Sela believed both Eric and their child to be dead. In prison, Venus showed Prince Erik his daughter, saying that Sela would probably turn to her 'friend' Belinda who would turn Sela's mind into a blank slate.

    The Dark One planted a mind worm into Prince Erik which was programmed through the use of Pied Piper's music. It would make Erik his servant at a predetermined occassion.

    Prince Erik became reacquainted with Sela after the battle in Myst. The Dark One's invasion on Myst was led in by the activation of the mind worm in Prince Erik. Having done his work, the Pier Piper appeared and turns Erik's mind off. His soul left his body and went to Limbo.


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