Character » Primus appears in 36 issues.

    Before the dawn of time, the One created Unicron and then divided this creation in two, creating Primus. Primus became the champion of order while his sibling became the force of chaos.

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    The battle between Primus and Unicron is fought not only in the physical universe but also on the mental plane. Damage inflicted on the plane can be felt on the physical and can reslut in complete shutdown. Assuming the role as protector of the universe, Primus used the energy the One had given him to attack Unicron directly, the forces clashed explosively and repeatedly. like unicron Primus has two modes a planet and a robot. this planet is called Cybertron and he passed this transformation ability to his children the Transformers.

    Transformers Cybertron

    In this series, Primus was ressurected by Optimus Prime and the Autobots by the power of the Omega Lock with the 4 cyberplanet keys, in the final episode we see the 4 atlantisis from the Jungle Planet, Speed Planet, Gigantion and Earth combined together into a gun that Primus uses to stop the black hole.


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