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    The powerful Omegan psionic Primus, was originally Pren a telepathic/telekinetic from the planet Euphorix. Assisting in the unity of the Vegan System to freedom and once husband to the magical Kalista.

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    New 52

    Primus's parents, along with the other members of the Omegas, were captured by Lobo and taken aboard his ship the Starpoint, but when it crashed into Earth 30 years ago they escaped. They keep a low profile but then Maxim and his company found them. The company offered them a safe haven but in exchange the company experimented on them and put them to work.

    Maxim created a team called The Omegas and forced Primus to join.

    Major Story Arc


    Primus died during the Invasion, shot down by guards.

    Hunt for Lobo

    When Maxim wanted to test Deathstroke's fighting ability he sent Tigorr and Primus after him. Tigorr was easliy defeated but Primus was able to get the drop on Slade. It wasn't until Maxim sent in more men and Slade used them as a distraction to his advantage that Slade was able to escape Primus's phyic grip. Slade threatened to kill Primus if he didn't get answers, and that was when Maxim showed up.

    Slade excepted a mission from Maxim to find and eliminate Lobo, who had recently escaped from Maxim's maximum security prison. Part of the deal was Slade had to let the Omegas tag along, Primus included. When Slade and Zealot broke off from the group to investigate the prison Lobo escaped from, they order the rest of the team to wait behind. Primus disobeys and helps Slade defeat Kharlak and Slade realizes Primus has more power then he is showing.

    When the team tracks Lobo back to his ship the Starpoint, Primus disables the World Breaker bomb and reveals he was the one that helped Lobo escape in the first place. He needed Lobo to show them where the Starpoint ship was and start it up so The Omegas could use it to escape Earth. Lobo is later blown up by Slade and Zealot captures Primus and holds him for treason. This is when Zealot and Slade learn that Maxim has been experimenting on the Omegas.


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