Prime's Titans

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    "Prime's Titans" are a group of "Anti-Teen Titans" lead and founded by Superboy-Prime.

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    During The Teen Titan's fight with Headcase in San Francisco, a black hole created by him drew Superboy-Prime back into the DC Universe and stranded him there. Furious, Prime set out on a quest to find some way of returning home, even if it meant destroying all of The Teen Titans to do so. Later, while Beast Boy was out on a date, a building began to collapse for no apparent reason. 
    All of The Teen Titans arrived on the scene to ensure the safety of every innocent bystander within close proximity to the building. Prime and his Titans ( Sun Girl, Zookeeper, Persuader, Indigo, Inertia and Headcase) appeared only moments later and engaged the team in battle, during Superboy and Wonder Girl's personal fight with Prime, he summoned a few previously unseen members of his new crew: three different incarnations of Superboy (Conner) from over the years.

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