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    Character » Prime Mover appears in 15 issues.

    An advanced robot built by Victor Von Doom, constructed in part with alien technology. Prime Mover possesses limited reality warping powers.

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    The Prime Mover is a sentient robot created by Dr. Doom. Creator and creation enjoy games of chess with sentient pawns. In "Strange Tales" #162-167 (November, 1967-April, 1968) the duo used SHIELD in their game. The mover used a robotic duplicate of Suwan to move SHIELD against a robotic duplicate of Yellow Claw used by Doom. Prime Mover won their game, frustrating Doom. The Prime Mover is extraordinarily skilled at playing complex games of strategy, though at times it relies too much on mathematical calculations and overlooks the "human factor." Left to itself, it once developed sufficient autonomy to construct a rocket device for transportation and left Latveria for deep space. On at least one occasion, apparently with added alien technology, the Prime Mover exhibited the ability to subtly manipulate reality, including the memories and emotions of human beings. However, it remains unclear if the Prime Mover innately possesses this ability or if this was a one-time event prompted by the addition of extraterrestrial technology to its systems.

    The Prime Mover also seems to possess powerful scanning and surveillance technology, as it is able to track games across space and time and recruit pawns over similarly vast distances. However, it is also possible that these abilities are the result of aid from its opponents in the pursuit of a balanced "game." The Prime Mover has limited motion due to its design, and has at times exhibited an extremely immature personality. The Mover's "games" with Doom generally involve small stone or clay figurines of the pawns involved placed on a chessboard.  


    Prime Mover is a Marvel comics character and was created by Jim Steranko, first appearing in Strange Tales #167  

    Powers and Abilities

    Sentient robot creature, Prime Mover has highly advanced and adaptive AI (Artificial Intelligence) and employs this intellect to calculate cunning strategies and compete in various games. Its lower half resembled a tricycle of sorts, its robotic upper half more humanoid. Surveillance, teleportation, and image projection also number among its abilities. Prime Mover has limited reality warping powers.  
    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 700 lbs
    Eyes: None
    Hair: None

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