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    Primat is a hopelessly romantic gorilla working with the Dreambound. She positively loves handsome men and her sappy novels.

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    Primat was just another denizen of Gorilla City, albeit one who was somewhat distant from her fellows because of her undying love for romanticism and the beautiful dreams she dared to dream as she read human novels dealing with love and passion. Because of these dreams, she was made a lightning rod for Enigma's pet project to create footsoldiers from dreamers. Struck by the divine energies of the Cosmic Egg, she was infused with superior strength and reinforced gauntlets. With her fellow Dreambound, she was tasked with the acquisition of nine objects of power to create a battery capable of holding the powers of the Trinity. She was sent to Gotham City's Crime Alley, where she stole a piece of concrete to link Batman's origins to the spell.

    During the Dreambound raid on the Smithsonian, Gangbuster threw an Nth metal shield at her, which traces he could follow. Later, she was sent to Themiscyra to take some of the magical clay from the cave of the monster known as Cottus to get the foundation piece for Wonder Woman; she lost the shield there. Then, she was present when the Dreambound fought against Gangbuster and Hawkman to retrieve the foundation piece of Superman, a piece of the space shuttle he saved during his first appearance. Finally, she was sent to a Washington graveyard, to retrieve Maxwell Lord's skull to provide for the final piece of the spell. While she was knocked out in the meleé, her teammate T.V.M. retrieved the skull and presented it to Morgaine.

    She reappeared in the restructured world in a JSI detainment camp in Cuba, restrained in special armor designed to sap her strength, until she was released by T.V.M. and reunited with Swashbuckler; she was present when T.V.M. remade Sun-Chained-in-Ink from the Tattooed Man. However, she soon grew disillusioned of her new role and aided the Atom to flee from Castle Branek with the aid of S.P.H.E.R.E., Enigma's technomagical aide, which, unbeknownst to the team, held the soul of Enigma's daughter. She fled after the old Sun-Chained-in-Ink, Hemi Kiwara, emerged from Mark Richards, and joined the battle against Morgaine in the North Pole. She was defeated but ultimately her side won, and was present when her Dreambound colleagues sought out Hemi in New Zealand, where he had been cast after the failed spell. She last was seen exiting a courthouse, a free gorilla, after being acquitted of her crimes under the employ of Morgaine Le Fey.


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