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    Character » Primary Reebo appears in 18 issues.

    The Primary squad leader of one of many teams of Armor Hunters that hunt down and destroy the mysterious Sentient armors across the galaxies.

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    From the pages of: X-O Manowar #26-27

    Born on the planet Waleen, Reebo is an alien humanoid who once was an ex-military mercenary who took jobs along side with his friend Malgam. After accepting a 'job' that sounded too dangerous to be true to earn street cred, Reebo and Malgam traveled to a distant world that had been destroyed by a mysterious being that had possessed an X-O Manowar Armor. After battling with the armor, Malgam and Reebo were unsuccessful in destroying it and barely made it off world alive.

    Back at the farthest reaches of the Universe, Reebo and Malgam meet a team hunters, the Armor Hunters, that have the sole mission of destroying all of the sentient X-O Manowar armors, their hosts and anything they came into contact with.

    After deciding to join the Armor Hunters, they travel to the planet Gennin for training. Gennin is also the apparent origin source of the armors they are hunting. Here, Reebo recognizes the destructive power of the armor and the importance to the universe the Armor Hunters are.

    The only know way to destroy the armor is with the use of a specially designed spear. The Armor has a tip made of Magma Glass that is charged with Hyper-Atomic chambers. The shaft is made from extremely rare wood of the plants that spawn the armors. A Flora-based, Tech-hybrid and they're are sentient as well. These spears are carried only by the Primary of each squad.

    Primary Reebo goes on his first Hunt which takes them to the planet Lund. After successfully tracking the Armor, they are successful in killing it. After killing the Armor, all that remain is the Armors unique emblem. Reebo collects them as kill trophies.


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