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At the start of his Mutation
At the start of his Mutation

Teon Macik is one of the first mutants to have his powers activated after Hope returned from the future. He is originally from Kiev. Acording to Teon's parents, he was originally a computer nerd. After his powers activated he became much stronger and appeared to have lost his intellect. He would seek out women to mate with and men to fight until Hope made contact with him. He became imprinted to Hope and obeys her completely. He now has strong feelings toward Hope as the Alpha female.


Teon was created by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen to be part of the Five Lights.

Major Story Arcs

Five Lights

For more information: Five Lights Teon's powers have made him more primal. When they first activated he searched for women to mate with. In several cases he had attacked the women. He traveled from country to country while Hope and the others searched for him. Teon found them and tried to mate/attack Hope. Hope was able to make contact and he began viewing her as his master.

The Future is a Four letter word

Fighting Wolverine
Fighting Wolverine

The almost complete team went to make contact and save Kenji, the last light, he was out of control and had already killed. Teon loyally attacks Rogue for Hope who asked Teon to stop her hold he back and Teon then attacks Kenji. Teon also growls at Wolverine to battle for alpha male status. Eventually the team is able to stop and beat Kenji. Once they are all back on the island, Wolverine and Teon are able to battle for the alpha male status and Wolverine beats Teon.

Still as primal as ever, when Hope begins to train the lights, Teon begins to chew on the firearm. Hope scolds him but when the prospect of food is brought up, he is able to use the gun perfectly. When Teon and the other lights are put into Emma's class on Ethics, Hope is appalled by Emma and her outfit thinking it is amazing that Teon is not trying to hump her leg. When Hope leaves the class, Teon and the others join her.

The Ward


Teon is again sparring with Wolverine when the new mutant activates. Wolverine seems to be able to communicate relatively well with Teon. Teon and the others all head to Germany when the Light activates. Teon is able to enter the field that the baby is making without falling unconscious like Gabriel and Laurie. Kenji uses his powers to get the team inside the hospital. When they find the mutant they are shocked that he is still in the womb.

The teams presence makes the infant even more scared and he takes control over more people. They try to make contact with the child using Kenji's powers but all are unsuccessful until Teon tries. Teon is able to calm the baby enough to stop the attack. When the baby thinks that being born is the end of the world Teon tells him that it is only a new world where he will "eat, fight, mate" and "live."

The Trial of Primal

Courtroom instincts
Courtroom instincts

After Teon saved the baby in Germany the team found out that Teon's parents were suing the X-Men in an attempt to get their son back. Dr Rao was trying to find evidence that Teon had been making progress while he was in the X-Men's care but Teon was falling short on the tests. Hope offered Teon food to motivate him and he quickly finished all the tests in front of him, Rao was shocked. Hope, Cyclops and Evangeline Whedon are discussing his chances at trial. Evangeline tells her that they will lose the case because Teon comes across as Hope's pet. Hope becomes furious and Scott asks her to leave the room. Hope would eventually ask the team to come up with their codenames and Laurie suggests Instinct for Teon, Gabriel quickly suggests Primal and Hope agrees.

During the trial, Teon's parents both state how much they want him back. When Teon is able to stand in front of the court he begins an elegant speech. He tells the court that he is different than the rest of the world now. He says he is a modern primitive, that his hyper-instincts find solutions to problems around him. It is because of his powers that when he is placed in a court room he developed the intellectual speech. He then looks upon his parents and tells them that the son they once had is dead, but from that son he was created.


For more information: Schism

Attacking Velocidad
Attacking Velocidad

Primal did not attend the opening of the new Mutant History Museum and did not go after Oya killed 12 new Hellfire Club members. When the team arrived back to the island, he was there during the discussion of what to do. The discussion turned into a brawl when Transonic attacks Hope. When Velocidad tries to stop the fight, Primal attacks him. Oya is able to stop all the fighting. When the Young X-Men arrive to talk to the Lights and Hope, Primal yells fight at Prodigy. They then decide to stay and fight with Cyclops against the Sentinel that is about to attack the island.

As the Five Lights and the Young X-Men were preparing for the Sentinel, Wolverine appeared and told them he was going to blow up the island instead of letting them fights. The students ran off for a while and Cyclops and wolverine started to fight. The students would return and beat the Sentinel. As the Sentinel lay dismanteled, Primal begins shouting "FIERO" on top of the head. Transonic says that it is an Italian emotion that means something to the affect of triumph over adversary. Hope begins shouting it too. Hope then has to deal with Velocidad cheating on her and what to d with Oya. Hope would put Pixie on the team, even though she was making out with Velocidad, saying that the team needs to move quicker to the lights now. But Primal does defecate on Velocidads bed. Hope finally gives her blessing for Oya to leave with Wolverine, but at the end of the day, she crys because of her feelings of failure. Primal goes to comfort her and tells her that she is doing everything right and that Cable would be proud of her.


For more information: Regenesis


Primal stayed at Hope's side after the Schism and school opening. He goes out with the street team while the help fight crime in the city. Cyclops decides that the Lights need to face off against some of the X-Men's heavy hitters. during the battle Primal identifies Namor as the Alpha Male and strikes him while he is under the influence of Pixie's dust. Namor would throw Primal at Velocidad during the altercation. The training ends when Magneto almost kills Zero. with the battle over, Primal starts to follow a Cuckoo wanting to mate. He reaches cerebro and all three of the Cuckoos are freaked. they enter his mind and see his mating thoughts. They say it was almost assault. Hope is contacted to get rid of him. While she is there she sees that a new light is on the map. She confronts the lights about it but they say it is a non issue. Hope attacks one and then leaves on a mission. When they reach the location, they find out that they are in Pakistan.

The team splits up and Hope, Primal and Transonic begin to look for the New Light. Zero and No-Girl (Zero's love interest) find him. All of the team assembles around the new Light with Hope slightly behind. The Light reveals himself to be an American and that he has a bomb attached to his chest. He apologizes as he detonates it.

Powers and Abilities

Attacking Kenji
Attacking Kenji

Teon has demonstrated an enhanced sense of smell, animalistic reflexes and ferocity, and possibly enhanced strength. After Doctor Nemesis' analysis, it was determined that Teon still is capable of higher thought but doesn't care about the higher thoughts any more, only his primitive instincts. As such, the only words Teon knows are simple words like fight, flight, mate, and eat. He also makes animalistic sounds like barking and growling. In Generation Hope, it is shown that Wolverine is somehow able to understand Teon perfectly when he uses animal sounds. The reason for this is unknown but is possibly due to them both having similar, animal-like, mutations.

Hyper-Instincts: He is able to find solutions to any of civilizations problems that he faces given the right motivation. Place him near a fridge he will eat what will keep him alive and most likely stay in top physical form. Place him in a court room and he will develop the intellect to win a trial.

He has incredible aim with a firearm. Its is unclear if this is because of his mutation or from previous training.

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