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    The war in Iraq has effected a lot of people and places but what happens to the animals in the Baghdad Zoo when the bombs drop and no one is there to take care of them? This is their story.

    Written by Brian K. Vaughan, the award winning writer of "Y-The Last Man" and beautifully illustrated by Niko Henrichon, "Pride of Baghdad" was touching and emotional tale that revealed the brutality and desperation of war. It was based on the true story of four lions that escaped from Baghdad Zoo during the invasion of Iraq. The story followed the lions as they struggled to survive in the war torn city after the bombing of the zoo, their story reflecting the plight of humans during wartime. Led by Zill, a haughty male lion, the pride included the lioness Noor, her cub Ali, and the wise, old, one eyed lioness Safa.

    The pride's journey in search of safety took them through the streets of Baghdad and into one of Saddam Hussein's destroyed palaces, where they found a chained lion and a wild, dangerous bear. Attacked by the bear, the lions used their hunting skills to eventually bring it down. The story ended tragically, just as in the true story that inspired it. The book went on to win the IGN Graphic Novel of the Year award.


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