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Greek god of fertility, male fertility and horticulture, Priapus was said to be incredibly endowed physically, but at the same time physically ugly. Child of the god of wine Dionysus and the goddess of love Aphrodite. Priapus was shunned by other gods who did not want to associate with him. At one point Priapus attempted to force himself on a character Lotis who defended herself by turning into the flower of the same name. Another incident involved a talking donkey and an argument between said Donkey and Priapus, and bragging about whose sexual fertility and libido was greater. Priapus lost and in retaliation slew the talking donkey.

A modern day Priapus bearing strong resemblance to the god Priapus, goes by the name, but there is much ambiguity to whether he is the authentic god, or merely someone overly familiar with the god, and using his likeliness and characteristics. Whether he is the real authentic god, or an impostor, the modern day hedonistic Priapus is extremely powerful and long lived. Priapus in modern times encounters and is ultimately defeated by the heroes Silver Sable, Luke Cage and Terror, after driving a plot involving the acquirement and accumulation of various artifacts designed to increase his powers. He also founded a cult which worshipped and reveled in Priapus's virility and deviancy. Priapus's highest ambition was to be the god of a new world order and religion, that would overthrow and replace all other religions. His religion being one that emphasized on erotic sensuality and pleasures of the flesh


Priapus is a god from Greco-roman mythology.

Powers and Abilities

Super strength and super stamina, Priapus was also incredibly durable. Priapus had psychic powers which could manipulate one's desires and fears. Priapus could use several sources to amplify his powers allowing greater mental submission and power over ones desires and fears. Priapus could utilize Vatsayna's Tryst to enhance the effects and effectiveness of his powers and further more using the Carnal Serpent to further maximize his powers. Priapus has a over proportionately large libido. Priapus can create mini incubi and succubi energy beings that can create pain or pleasure on targets. Priapus is extremely long lived. Modern day Priapus may be an Olympian god.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'1" (variable)

Weight: 410 lbs (variable)

Hair: Red

Eyes: Yellow


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