Character » Preyy appears in 16 issues.

    A leopard that is a pet to Erik Killmonger.

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    Pet to Erik Killmonger, it could also be said that the African Leopard was as much a friend to the villain as a pet. The huge large cat even attacking Black Panther at Killmonger's orders and demonstrating grief when his owner died. Loyal even when his master died, Preyy was there again for him when he was resurrected. At some point, a rehabilitated Killmonger ventured to New York with Preyy with both planning to join the Avengers. The Avenger Triathlon in particular, warming to Preyy. A new Black Panther adversary Achebe, seeking to kill Erik, failed to do so, but did succeed in killing Preyy.        


    Created by Don McGregor, Rich Buckler and Gil Kane. 

    Powers and Abilities 

    Preyy has the typical abilities of a large african Leopard but at a more exaggerated powered level. Running speed of up to 40 mph and a horizontal leap of 50 feet. Preyy has been trained to kill humans by inflicting neck wounds with his razor sharp teeth.

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