Character » Preus appears in 12 issues.

    The xenophobe, Sergeant Preus of the Citizen's Patrol Corps, comes from the alternate dimension Kandor populated by multiple alien species. Preus is a devout follower of "The Superman" whom he and many others have worshipped for centuries.

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    Preus has flight, invulnerability, super strength, super speed, super breath, healing factor, super hearing, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, x-ray vision, and black-light heat vision. Preus is immune to Kryptonite though this may be due to Kryptonite from other universes being ineffective against Kryptonians of other universes and the revelation that his Kandor exists in an alternate dimension.

    Preus also possesses a breastplate protecting him from telepathy and allows him to eavesdrop on telepathic conversations.


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