Preston Lindsay

    Character » Preston Lindsay appears in 51 issues.

    Preston is a friend of Bart Allen's from Manchester Junior High School.

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    Preston Lindsay meets Bart Allen at Manchester Junior High School in ManchesterAlabama, and at first Preston thought that Bart was a jerk. But they later become best friends. Bart began to get worried that Preston was abused by his father. But, unknown to Preston's father, he was actually being abused by his mentally ill mother, Susan, which Bart found out and Susan got help. So Preston lives with his father, and sometimes visits his mother. Preston knew Bart's secret identity as Impulse.  
    Preston was a big movie fanatic, and considered himself an amateur film maker. He once recorded a fight when Bart started a fight against most of the student body, and sold it to people who weren't there. He also attempted to make a movie about a swamp monster, that was thought to live in a swamp near Manchester. He, along with several of his friends including Bart, made an amateur feature film. 
    Preston and Bart stopped hanging out and has not been seen since a little before Bart joined the Teen Titans, what became of Preston remains unknown. 


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