President Robert L Booth

    Character » President Robert L Booth appears in 26 issues.

    The last President of the United States, President Booth was the man who initiated the atomic war that decimated the US and created the radioactive wasteland known as the Cursed Earth.

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    Robert L Booth became Vice President in 2060, and rose to become the President of the United States in 2068. The election was rigged, he managed this by blackmailing the head of the company responsible for vote counting.

    After being told by his advisers that their new missile defense screen could nullify any nuclear attack against the US, the insane President Booth decided that he had no problems going to war with the rest of the world if his long list of demands were not met.

    Many of his cabinet, such as Arnold Benedict, Booth's Special Adviser held reservations about what Booth was planning. Benedict threatened to expose the rigged election to halt the move to war but President Booth had him murdered before he could do anything.

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    In 2070 Booth started the Great Atomic War, he had been told by his advisers that the US' missile defenses had advanced to the stage where they would offer complete protection, they had been mistaken. Most of the United States was turned into a radioactive wasteland, with only the most advanced missile screens over the East and West Coasts stopping 100% of the incoming nukes.

    Later, in that year Booth was eventually deposed by the Judges (who were previously only involved in law enforcement, not the political running of the country), the Judges then set up a fascist regime, making President Booth the final President of the United States.

    Booth was sentenced to 100 years in suspended animation, the Judges decided that they would leave his judgement to posterity, allowing their descendents, who were destined to grow up in this ruined US to decide his sentence for the crimes he had perpetrated against them.


    President Booth was created by Pat Mills and Mike Mcmahon in 1978, first appearing in 2000AD #67

    Major Story Arcs

    The Cursed Earth

    After 30 years of cryo-sleep Booth was discovered by Judge Dredd after his medical robots began killing locals in the Cursed Earth to get raw materials for his life support system.

    Booth was awakened from him cryogenic state accidentally by angry villagers believing him to be a vampire. Dredd, knowing what had really happened took charge of the situation, moved the villagers on, and decided to sentence President Booth to a life of farming in the Cursed Earth, thinking it an apt punishment that Booth would be working to solve the problems he himself had caused.


    Many years later Booth returned, having ignored his sentence and come to the decision to retake America he formed his own army, and used his knowledge of the past to recover the cryogenically frozen body of the city's honored Judge Fargo with the intention of holding it to ransom.

    Booth was killed by his own followers when Dredd used him as a human shield.


    "My Fellow Americans - we stand on the brink of eternity! Foreign elements are at work in every corner of the globe, conspiring to do us down an' to undermine our position as the richest, greediest nation on Earth. I have issued an ultimatum to world leaders - get off our backs an' start playin' ball or face annihilation, that ultimatum has now expired"

    "When it is over we'll be raising the stars and stripes over the entire globe"

    "The actions of the Judges were unlawful! I Robert L Booth am still the lawful president of the United States! and I mean to take back what's mine - to take back America.


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