Movie » Predators released on July 09, 2010.

    One of the deadliest hunting machines the galaxy has ever seen drags mankind to its own home for this epic third movie of the franchise.

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    The film follows a mercenary named Royce (Adrien Brody) who is abducted by alien creatures known as the Predators. He is released onto an alien planet which acts as a game reserve along with seven other humans, who, with the exception of a disgraced physician named Edwin (Topher Grace), are cold blooded killers; mercenaries, gangsters, and convicts alike. Royce reluctantly leads the group of elite warriors as they come to realize they have been brought together to this unknown planet to be nothing more than prey for a new breed of the deadliest hunters alive. In an attempt to survive the creatures and escape the planet, they come across a mysterious human known as Noland (Laurence Fishburne) who was brought to the planet years ago as game, but has managed to survive by scavenging anything from anyone (or anything) he can while basing himself in an abandoned Predator machine. Noland agrees to take the group back to his base, where he reveals that the Predators have been capturing and hunting humans (among other things) for sport for years. Each "season" the alien beings retrieve a new batch of game for three predators to hunt for sport, and Noland has been there for 10 seasons. After sharing his knowledge Noland tells the group he is going to sleep and leaves them to do whatever. After a short while the room suddenly fills with smoke and the group realizes that their scavenger friend (Noland) only brought them to his safe haven so he could take what they had. Royce devises a plan to attract the Predators so they can attempt to escape the machine and get to the predator ship to escape the planet. Eventually the group has been whittled down to three survivors (Royce, Edwin, and Isabelle) Edwin becomes injured and Royce decides to leave him behind while Isabelle refuses and stays back for him. Eventually the Super Predator catches the two and takes them back to its camp to discover that Royce has freed the Predator (the good o'le one from the first movie) in an attempt to fly the ship and escape. While the two predators fight Royce runs to the ship leaving both Edwin and Isabelle behind in the hole which the Super Predator dropped them in. After a short skirmish the Super Predator prevails and runs to destroy the ship. At this point Edwin reveals his true colors by using his scaple (which he got poison on early in the movie) to cut Isabelle and paralyze her claiming he loved this planet and he wanted to stay. Suddenly Royce appears and pulls the two up from hole and carries Isabelle to a safe spot before reversing Edwin's attempt to stab him and then booby traps Edwin to trap the Predator. When the Super Predator returns and trips the trap Royce and the Predator duke it out in a one on one fight to the finish.



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    Can these hunters hold up to their predecessors?? 0

        "Who are you?" "I'm alive....I'm the one you don't f*ck with."  Royce, Noland   Time to jump into a big puddle of mud and roll around boys and girls. Thats right the galaxy's greatest hunter returns with a deadlier mindset than ever before.   The Good First off Adrien Brody brings something new to table with this momentous performance. In my opinion he is one man that no one would have ever expected to become the main protagonist in a predator movie back in Arnie's day. One thing...

    8 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Predators...a worthy successor 0

    I've just seen Predators today at the cinema with my dad, and as I watched it, I was thinking to myself "Hey, this isn't half bad". The atmosphere built around the Predators themsleves is brilliant, it's as if Robert Rodriguez was trying to make the third Predator movie seem like the first, and he did a good job in doing so. It was a tinsy bit like a re-imagining of the original Predator, the same plot format but with notable differences in character, location etc. Adrien Brody was quite a good ...

    7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Different approach than the first, but well thought out overall 0

    After finding out that that another predator’s film was in the works I was highly doubtful that it would be any good.  Even after seeing the trailers and everything, I was still very much afraid that directors would break my heart again and completely destroy the predator character once again.  But as much of a fan as I am, I went to see it anyways.  And to be honest with all of you, I was, for the most part, completely delighted with what I saw on screen. The movie for starters has quite a bea...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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