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    Volume » Published by Marvel. Started in 2022.

    Marvel's Volume 1

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    Collected in Predator: Day Of The Hunter.

    1987: In Central America, an elite mercenary team is stalked by a Predator, hunting them for sport. Only one member of the team survives and manages to kill the Predator.

    1997: A Predator comes to Los Angeles to hunt gang members involved in a drug war with the police. Though many are slaughtered, one policeman was able to kill the Predator.

    2010: Eight individuals are abducted from Earth and dropped on an unknown planet where they are hunted by three Predators. They come to learn they are being hunted for sport and that the planet is a game reserve.

    2018: A Predator crash-lands in America and is apprehended by Project Stargazer for study. It escapes but is killed by another Predator. A group of military criminals is able to defeat and kill the Predator, but only a small number survive.

    The year is now 2056. Humanity is capable of interstellar travel. A group of Astar Industry scientists researching a remote planet for potential human colonization were killed by a Predator. A young girl named Theta was spared. Now grown up, she hunts the Predators, searching for the one that took her family from her.


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