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    Predator is a creature that lives inside of Cloak's darkness. It drains the light & therefore the life of its prey.

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    Predator is a creature that resides in the dark dimension and preys on the victims engulfed by Cloak's cape. Cloak would consume a troubled young man named Caesar within his cape after he stole some high-tech equipment to commit crimes as the Zapper. The Predator attempted to prey on Caesar within the darkness but he managed to escape from Cloak's cape with the light generated by the energy needles from his equipment.


    Predator was created by Bill Mantlo, Bret Blevins and Bob Wiacek in 1987 and first appeared in Strange Tales # 6.

    Story Arcs

    Acts of Vengeance

    During the Acts of Vengeance, Jester gathered a group of villains which included the twin mutants called Fenris, Hydro-Man, Rock, Cloak, Dagger and a robotic Hulk to battle the Avengers at a public forum meeting. The Fenris twins shot a concussive blast at a building structure that blocked an exit and a number of civilians couldn't escape because there was too much rubble. Cloak and Dagger turned on Jester and decided to help the Avengers. The Wasp and Dagger would help escort the civilians as they enter the dark dimension through Cloak. The Predator emerged from the darkness and Wasp tried to shoot it with her stinger blasts but it had no effect. Wasp would help Dagger guide her hands so she could shoot her light knives at the Predator and the creature ran away.


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