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    The Sentient Embodiment of the Emotion of Love in the Emotional Spectrum.

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    Originally believed to be one of the subconscious identities developed by Carol Ferris, the Predator appeared in male form and fought against Eclipso in protecting Ferris Aircraft. Predator later tried 'hooking up' with Carol. She had no idea "he" was simply an aspect of her mind. Predator, along with Star Sapphire, were both separated from Carol. Predator was later assumed to have been killed by Neron.

    The Facade

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    When Carl Ferris took early retirement from the Ferris Aircraft Company, he made his daughter, Carol, the company president. Sometime later, Carol was chosen by the Zamarons to be their champion, Star Sapphire. Carol, however, wanted to remain on Earth and marry Green Lantern.

    Nevertheless, The Zamarons hypnotized Carol into becoming Green Lantern's foe. Over the years, Carol became Star Sapphire several times, but she always returned to her normal personality. Still, the Zamarons had left subconscious urges within her to become Star Sapphire again.

    When congressman Jason Bloch and his father tried to ruin Ferris Aircraft financially, Carl Ferris took control of the company from his daughter. At the time, Green Lantern, who Carol knew by now was Hal Jordan, was forced to leave Earth for an extended period. Deprived of both love and success, and driven by rage, despair and those subconscious urges, Carol again became Star Sapphire. Believing she had never been ruthless enough to succeed, Star Sapphire split herself into two beings: Carol Ferris, who loved Jordan; and the male Predator, who loved Carol - herself - above all, and embodied what Carol thought was the "masculine" aggressive side of her personality.

    The Predator battled threats to Ferris Aircraft from the Demolition Team to Eclipso and actually killed congressman Bloch. The Predator established the company Intercontinental Petroleum, attempting to use it to take over Ferris Aircraft. He also tried to court Carol and battled Hal Jordan. Finally, he kidnapped Carol and as Green Lantern battled him, the two merged before his very eyes and became Star Sapphire once more.

    The Truth

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    It has since been revealed, through the Guardian known as "Scar", that the Predator is actually the sentient embodiment of Love; just as Ion is to Will and Parallax is to Fear. The Predator is one of seven Emotional Embodiments of the Emotional Spectrum.

    The Predator is the ultimate embodiment of the emotion of love: 'love with nothing to temper it'. The love entity has inhabited several hosts over the last millennium, most notably the Earthwoman Carol Ferris. The entity emphasizes the aggressive nature in one's being, making the subject paranoid and highly obsessive. The Predator imbues its host with the power to latch onto and manipulate people's minds, and is able to change and affect them at the host's will.

    During the Blackest Night, it was revealed the Predator had been held captive by the Zamarons within a crystal chamber; the length of this containment is unknown. When the planet Zamaron was attacked by Black Lanterns who succeeded in destroying the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery, the Predator was able to escape it's crystalline containment and return to the universe at large.

    After the Blackest Night, Hal Jordan was tasked by the white lantern to find the emotional embodiments. After battling a Ophidian-possessed Hector Hammond, Hal and Larfleeze traveled to Las Vegas, where Carol Ferris was already hunting the love entity. The Predator had come to Earth and was in Las Vegas where he possessed Abraham Pointe, a man who was obsessed with a woman named Lisa. After attempting to have it's host meet the target of his affection, the Predator became corrupted by the man's obsession with the woman, as Abraham did not know what true love was.

    Discovered by Carol, Hal, and Larfleeze, the four battled within a casino as Abraham-Predator attempted to reach Lisa. Knowing the only way to win was to allow Abraham to feel love, Carol kissed the man and severed his connection to the Predator. With the entity subdued, Carol, Hal, and Larfleeze were teleported to Zamaron with the Predator. Carol successfully prevented the Zamarons from imprisoning the Predator within the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery and, in doing so, became the new Queen of the Star Sapphires.


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