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    Character » Predator X appears in 207 issues.

    Predator X is a deadly enemy of mutants, such as the X-Men, and itself is the product of extreme genetic engineering.

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    Predator X was created by the scientists of the Facility as requested by William Stryker shortly before his passing. It is designed to hunt and kill mutants, and some of its abilities come from direct experimentation on mutants, such as its bio-metal skin which was taken from the mutant Mercury.

    The Purifiers tracked down the beast since they intend to use it as a weapon against mutants, and against Stryker's predicted Anti-Christ in particular. Predator X is itself now looking for the new child with the X-Gene...

    Major Story Arcs

    Messiah Complex

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    In Copperstown he was looking for the Baby Mutant and he ate Blockbuster and Prism. It continued its search and eats an unnamed fire-breathing mutant and later killed Peepers.

    In the X-Mansion he's found by Rockslide, Dust and Mercury in the graveyard, eating the bodies of the dead students. After a quick fight with Rockslide he goes to the mansion where Surge protects Trance, Indra and Wolfcub and tells them to go to the infirmary. There, Predator X tries to kill the injured mutants at the infirmary such as Hellion or Elixir, while Armor and Nezhno fight with him.

    When Pixie teleports everybody to Muir Island, Predator X eats Vertigo and goes to confront Cable, Bishop and the Baby. After biting Bishop, he's attacked by X-Force and killed by Wolverine.


    Storm and Cyclops defeat one of the Predators
    Storm and Cyclops defeat one of the Predators

    Following the events of Utopia, Scalphunter is abducted by non-mutant super-humans. They claim they want to save all of mutant-kind. During this time however, they force Scalphunter to fly a plane of five Predator X's onto Utopia. Nightcrawler teleports inside the plane when it approaches the island. Nightcrawler teleports onto the plane to investigate the intentions of Scalphunter. Upon seeing the beasts Kurt retreats for the surface screaming for Cyclops to shoot the plane down. He does and it and the plane crashes into the water. However, four Predator X's manage to survive the crash and make it to Utopia. The X-Men, Namor, and Magneto fight the surviving Predator X's together and slay them, effectively stopping the deaths of so many mutants.

    Iceman is later seen burning the bodies of the slain Predator X's.

    A sixth Predator X is seen prowling the sewers of New York as it attacks an unidentified Mutant girl. Psylocke, Wolverine, and Colossus arrive in New York to kill the beast but find out later that Fantomex has already slain it.


    Predator X is super humanly strong and fast, and is incredibly resilient in regard to withstanding injury. It can also take in materials from its environment to reform itself. It has a number of other powers as a result of genetic experimentation on mutants as well, such as its bio-metal skin derived from Mercury. He has razor sharp claws and teeth, and a regenerative healing factor.

    The creature can also locate mutants to hunt, and needs to feed on them. It has killed and eaten several mutants, most notably Mammomax, Blockbuster, Prism, Peepers, Vertigo and the dead bodies buried in Xavier Institute's graveyard.


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