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    A Xenomorph birthed from a Predator. It's much larger and tougher than a human-born Xenomorph and features the iconic mandibles of Predators. The Predators view these creatures as an abomination.

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    The Predalien has the same Predator mandibles - coupled with the Xenomorph's mandible - and hair-like appendages, characteristics of his species, besides having inherited the green blood of the Predator's species. In addition to having the most powerful tail and sharper than other Xenomorphs, they also have increased strength and their skin is more resistant to blows and shots.

    Queen Predaliens have the ability to infect humans without the need for eggs or larvae arachnoid villi (Facehuggers) to inject the embryo, and can instead deposit Xenomorph embryos through the throat of pregnant women to gestate in their wombs.

    Predators Reaction and Attitude Towards Predaliens

    When a Predalien is spawned, Predators will immediately try to eliminate it, sometimes using whatever means necessary. The reason for this is that in the eyes of the Predator race, the Predalien is an abomination and a living insult to their race.

    Other Media

    - Movies -

    Aliens Vs Predator

    A chestburster popped out of the corpse of a Predator at the end of this movie; it had Predator-like facial features.

    Aliens Vs Predator Requiem

    The Predalien was prominently featured in this film as one of the main antagonists. This Predalien is a queen, and was given the name "Chet" by the production team of the movie.

    - Video Games -

    Aliens Vs Predator (2010)

    The Predalien was the final boss of the Predator campaign; it was referred to as "The Abomination."


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