Character » Predaking appears in 27 issues.

    The gestalt form of the Predacons, Predaking's tracking skills and strength are greatly enhanced when combined.

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    Among all gestalts (Decepticon or Autobot), Predaking is classified as one of their most powerful and fearsome, but ironically in both the comic and TV series he was usually quickly and easly defeated.

    Whereas the predacons separately aren't that focused or smart, combined Predaking is extremely focused, though it's mostly sharpened instinct instead of thought.

    Predaking and the predacons made their first appearance when they fought sky lynx, despite getting in one or two shots he was defeated when the gigantic autobot literally pulled the decepticon into 5 pieces.

    Combiner NameVehicle ModeRole in Group
    DivebombRobotic EagleLeft Arm of Predaking, Wings Form the backpack
    HeadstrongRobotic RhinocerosLeft Leg of Predaking
    RampageRobotic TigerRight Arm of Predaking
    RazorclawRobotic Male LionLeader, Torso of Predaking
    TantrumRobotic BullRight Leg of Predaking

    Powers and Abilities

    Predaking possesses massive strength and power. He can lift up to 500 tons without straining a circuit, and his enormous mass, strength and overall raw power allows him effortlessly to smash a 9-foot reinforced concrete cube with one punch from his enormous fists. He is also impressively fast and agile for a combiner, he can react to any movement he see's within 0,002 seconds. He can generate a powertul electric field about himseft that dampens or repells any energy-based beams and prevents other Transformers from approaching any closer than 10 teet. He wields a powertul X-ray laser cannon, whose blast has the equivalent explosive force of 100 tons of TNT. Each of his feet has a double-barrelled mortar shell launcher within it.

    Other Media



    Predaking appears in the Transformers Generation 1 show, in season 3 and 4 where he loyally follows Galvatron and the Decepticon cause.

    Transformers: Prime

    Predaking is the main enemy in Transformers: Prime season 3 Beast Hunters. Shockwave revived him from his skeletal remains. Unlike prior incarnations, Predaking is an individual Transformer and not a Combiner.


    • Height: 80'
    • Weight: at least 8 tons

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