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    Preak is an alien that can make exact duplicates of himself.

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    Preak is a Panspermian, aged 10. Preak is also the last of his species after The Annihilation Wave destroyed his home planet and his people. Panspermian's were bred to be of low intelligence, high strength, and subservience. He was held captive in the Negative Zone until Super Skrull came and released him. He was recruited into Super Skrull's Army as they took on the Harvester of Sorrows. He survived the initial onslaught, but was captured along with Super Skrull and Praxagora after the betrayal of R'Kin, a teammate of theirs. He was eventually released and was killed in a heroic attempt to hold off a large number of Annihilus's soldiers. 


    The character of Preak was created by writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach and artist Greg Titus for use in the Annihilation: Super Skrull mini series. Preak first appears in Annihilation: Super-Skrull #2. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Preak had the ability to duplicate whenever someone or something made physical contact with him. He also had a degree of super strength, but to what limit is unknown. Preak has demonstrated strength to allow him to lift in the range of between 1 to 25 tons. Preak was especially resilient and could cope well in most environments. The limit to Preak's duplication abilities are unknown, however the numbers he can achieve at a minimum are in the thousands.   

    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 10' 
    Weight: 1020 lbs
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Light Green

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