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Before there was Twilight there was ... Vampire 90210

We seem to be heading for a bit of a slump. After a pair of lengthy, unnecessary backstories, most of which we have already figured out from having read the other issues, the story devolves into what I can only guess is Aaron Spelling Territory. Basically, Preacher turns into Vampire 90210. Instead of giving us actual stories and mythos and engagement with interesting characters, we have to deal with our heroes turning into doofuses again (doofi?). It's just like that Jan and Dean song, "Two Guys for Every Girl." Eventually, seemingly by accident, our heroes wander into some potentially exciting developments with voodoo and whatnot, in Jesse Custer's continual quest to ignore the good advice his purported two best friends in the world have given him (forget about finding God and just live - but since God told them to tell him, that's not good enough, apparently). Somehow, the mostly throwaway backstory about Cassidy earlier in the collection (in which he mainly acts like himself) comes back to affect our characters in wholly negative ways, getting more innocent bystanders killed (though, not too innocent, since they were dealing with voodoo revenge spells and the like). All in all, our heroes' efforts are effectively wasted, giving us the impression our time has likewise been spent. In the concluding panels, we are warned not to trust the Vampire, since apparently bad things happen when he's around. I'm pretty sure we've gotten that message soundly by now, but thanks for the advice, Mr. Voodoo dealer!

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that, the Root boy from the beginning comes back, reconciles with Jesse (by being laughed at - thanks, "hero" Custer!), and becomes a pop rock sensation. Such is the trenchant commentary on contemporary socio-cultural-musical mores.

Oh, and apparently the Angel of Death quit long before God did, the Saint of Killers assassinated Satan (so no one is really in charge of Hell and what it is up to), but apparently it's all still God's fault. Supposedly it's God's fault the Saint chose to live two weeks away from the nearest doctor and is responsible for snowstorms during the middle of - shockingly - winter time. The one trick pony of this series is starting to wear a bit thin. You know a series is in a strange place when your archvillain (Starr) is providing the comic relief.

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