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Oh, look, a story!

Hey, back on track - there's some story here, which is nice. The opening tale is a rather ludicrous compilation of new supporting characters who collide with our main trio at a Jay Gatsby party directed by Roman Polanski (or Caligula). This volume introduces us to The Grail, a ragtag collection of Templar-like acolytes devoted to protecting the ancestor of Jesus (since apparently he did survive the cross, married Mary Magdalene, had kids, and then got run over by an oxcart). By this point in the series, you have to just accept the preposterous nature of it all (otherwise you would have stopped long ago, I'm sure). It's the Grail stuff that's the interesting bit, in part because it has the most to do with the main purported object of the series. The opening tale is another foray into the base visceral lusts of humanity as if they are somehow acceptable just because they exist. But the Grail story toward the end, as yucky as it can be at times, is the highlight in the whole series thus far. Our eponymous "hero" does some pretty selfish, jerky things to Tulip, even though he thinks he is motivated properly. After the dust settles, our "heroes" have made some more enemies, sort of reconciled with some past enemies, and we even get some backstory (at a more appropriate time in the series) on Cassidy (though at times it seems more like an excuse for Mr. Ennis to wax on about his perspective on Irish history).

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