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Pradda Fol was once a member of the Territorial Troopers and acted as Chief. He devised a plan to end the rebellion. He and the Grand Overseer used Khirn as bait to lure the remaining rebels to him. Khirn and the remaining rebels were killed and Pradda Fol was awarded a piece of the Gleambody for his actions.

When the Grand Overseer learns of mysterious transformations happening to the buyers of the Gleambody, she contacts Pradda Fol only to speak with his mate. She tells him that he is sleeping and will not respond to her. The Overseer arrives with armed guards. Pradda's voice is no longer recognizable.

The troopers force their way into his chambers only to find that he has transformed as well. He leaves to fulfill his destiny - destroy the Uni-Lord. He joins the other Skyriders.

When the Skyriders begin to battle the Black Surfer, Pradda takes charge since he is the only one with battle experience. His plan seems to work and they are able to hold the creature at bay. But he soon disappears, his race having been assimilated by the Blackbodies at the Uni-Lord's request. Pradda is to join the Congregation of Finality as the last of his race.

Pradda is used to take the place of the soul of Norrin Radd, for he is corrupting the system. Little does the Uni-Lord know that Norrin had help, the secret presence of Oclin. Oclin joins together with Pradda and is able to continue the corruption of the Congregation.

When the Congregation is forced to battle with the Silver Surfer, the Surfer recognizes the Iridian and learns the truth of the situation. He focuses his energies on Pradda and is able to destroy the entire Congregation.


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