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    Nuclear-fueled giant, member of the Winter Guard.

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    Illarion Pavlovich Ramskov was a Russian soldier who was genetically mutated by exposure to the faulty controls at Chernobyl-like nuclear facility. While being treated for his condition in New York, he became mentally unstable. Dubbed "Surge," he rampaged through the city before being stopped by the Avengers.


    Powersurge was created by Larry Hama and Paul Ryan in 1990 and first appeared as Surge in The Avengers # 326.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Winter Guard

    After he was sent back to Russia, he enlisted in The Winter Guard, where he was seen battling the Mandarin. When the original Darkstar was killed in battle, Powersurge (along with several other members of the Winter Guard) took their leave.

    Sometime after that, Powersurge was seen with Vanguard and Starlight in a new team dubbed The Protectorate.


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