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Powerplex is really just a man named Scott Duvall who worked for a science lab at the Pentagon. He had a sister named Jessica who had a job in an office building, until one day Invincible and Omni-man tore through the building during a fight. After her death he swore revenge on Invincible.

Using his job he was able to steal experimental discs that where meant to store body heat and then allow it to be reused. He made a power suit with the discs and became Powerplex. His wife Becky supported him in his quest and he would even show off in front of her and their son, Jack. He tried to find Invincible by just attacking the public at random (not really hurting anyone). However, only heroes like Shapesmith and the Guardians of the Globe came after him. Soon he had to quit his job since they became aware of the thefts. Then Scott came up with a plan. He asked Becky to be used as bait with Jack in order to flush Invincible out. The plan worked, and he got into a fight with Invincible. Invincible however really didn't know why he was blaming him and he told him that he was handling his grief wrong. Even though Powerplex was getting the upper hand in the fight, the current from his energy blast wound traveling across the floor and killed Becky and Jack. Scott broke down and cried over the tragic loss of his family. He was sent to prison, but didn't really learn anything as this all only made him hate and blame Invincible even more for his sorrow.

Major Story Arcs

Invincible War

When Angstrom Levy brings his army of evil Invincibles to our dimension, Powerplex escapes and joins in the fight against them. After the fight is over he helps during the clean up, but when the good Invincible arrives he attacks him, still hating him as much as ever. Badrock is forced to hold him down till he loses his charge and he is then taken back into custody.


Given redemption by Cecil Stedman, Powerplex joined a team called the Actioneers. While with the team, Powerplex has undergone a lot of therapy, and is working with his anger issues. When Powerplex learns of the destruction of Las Vegas however, and that Invincible was involved, he snapped. Angry about Invincible's actions, Powerplex hunts him down and tries to fight him, again. Invincible refuses to fight, as he wants to resolve this with words. After a good talking with Invincible, and Invincible telling Powerplex his point of view, he finally calmed down, and saw what his path of vengeance has led him to become. Taken into custody be Cecil again, Powerplex tells the Actioneers that he's terribly sorry before being taken away.

Powers & Abilities

Powerplex gets his power from his suit absorbing the energy around him. He can utilize this energy for a variety of uses, including electrically-based energy blasts, as well as flight by blasting himself off the ground. Despite his suit constantly absorbing energy, he can still run out of power if he isn't careful.


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