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Powerpax's reality takes place in a divergent time line also know as Earth-Shattershot that is approximately 20 years in the future . In this reality Powerpax is a member of X-Force along with Siryn, Darkchyld that realities version of Illyana Rasputin, Sunspot, Cyberlock (the merged entity of Douglas Ramsey/ Cypher and Warlock) and the team leader Cannonball. Together they aid Shatterstar in his battle against the Spineless One on his planet Mojo World. The combines force prove to be more than capable to aid the resistance forces of Shatterstar's and freeing his planet for the tyrannical ruling of the Spineless Ones.


Powerpax has demonstrated and used each of the powers of the original four members of the Power Pack. Though it appears that she rather new to her powers, Frankie has shown spectacular and varied uses in all of the powers. It also is not clearly stated if she is a mutant, gaining her powers naturally through adolescence, or if she gained them through another means.


Known Relatives:

Alex Power, Julie Power, Jack Power, Katie Power It is surmised that Powerpax is the child of one of the original Power Pack children though unrevealed as to which one it was. That being the case the other three would be her aunt(s) and uncle(s), James Power (Grandfather), Margaret Power (Grandmother) & Roy Craig (Great-Grandfather).

Citizenship: Citizen of the United States, a minor with no known criminal record.

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Student & Adventurer

Education: Unrevealed


Gender: Female

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Alternate Realities

Powerpax has yet to appear in any alternate realities besides the one that she first appears in.


Powerpax was created by Fabian Nicieza & Greg Capullo.


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