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    Rieg Davan, professionally known as Powerhouse, is the strongman and energy siphoner of the superhumanoid group of heroes from the planet Xandar named The Champions of Xandar.

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    Born on Xandar with superhuman powers, Rieg Davan went through the rigorous training of the Syfon Warrior division of the Nova Corps. Rieg, in no small part because of his vast power, quickly became one of the Syfons Division's greatest warriors. Somehow Rieg ended-up on earth with no memory of his past. The villain known as Condor used this and he became his pawn in the Terrible Trio. He regained his memory and sought out a quest to Xandar along with rest of the Champions. He would join Nova to form the Champions of Xandar against the Sphinx and the Skrulls.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 265 lbs.

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Brown


    Rieg possesses natural superhumanoid strength and is able to lift/press at least 1 ton. Rieg can further enhance his strength by siphoning energy from any and all sources. Using siphoned energy Rieg is able to enhance his strength by a factor of fifty. His energy enhanced strength allows him to lift/press at least 50 tons.


    Rieg possesses the superhumanoid ability to siphon energy from any and all energy sources simply by touching them. His siphoning ability is so great that he can even siphon energy from living beings. Rieg uses the energy he siphons to enhance his already superhumanoid strength.


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