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 The Communist Government of China created an articficial humaniod called Powergirl. Despite originally looking like a teenage girl she was created and matured to that relative age through precise genetic creation; she is actually only a few years old. Powergirl was designed to have inherent superhuman powers and abilities, her government's response to the emerging superhuman populace on Earth. She is the second Chinese-created humanoid; her immediate predecessor, "Super Girl," was flawed and died. Powergirl is presently the only known long-lasting humanoid of the Chinese super-humanoid project to date. It is unknown if there were other successive humanoids produced after she proved unwilling to serve her creators with mindless devotion. If there were, their fates are unrevealed.

Powergirl has joined Harvey Dent's open control of Earth as his primary enforcer and supporter. Powergirl is also currently his fiancee and engaged in an open romantic relationship with Dent and lives with him at his Retreat in Switzerland. She has recently been engaging Lia Nelson and the heroes of New Earth who are opposing Dent's enforced control of Earth-9. She killed Manhunter and captured several of the heroes opposing Dent.

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