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    Powergirl is the Tangent Universe (Earth-9) version of Power Girl (Kara Zor-L). Artificially created by the Chinese government in response to the emerging superhuman populace on Earth, she is given superhuman abilities to be their soldier.

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    The Communist Government of China created an articficial humaniod called Powergirl. Despite originally looking like a teenage girl she was created and matured to that relative age through precise genetic creation; she is actually only a few years old. Powergirl was designed to have inherent superhuman powers and abilities, her government's response to the emerging superhuman populace on Earth. She is the second Chinese-created humanoid; her immediate predecessor, "Super Girl," was flawed and died. Powergirl is presently the only known long-lasting humanoid of the Chinese super-humanoid project to date. It is unknown if there were other successive humanoids produced after she proved unwilling to serve her creators with mindless devotion. If there were, their fates are unrevealed.

    Powergirl has joined Harvey Dent's open control of Earth as his primary enforcer and supporter. Powergirl is also currently his fiancee and engaged in an open romantic relationship with Dent and lives with him at his Retreat in Switzerland. She has recently been engaging Lia Nelson and the heroes of New Earth who are opposing Dent's enforced control of Earth-9. She killed Manhunter and captured several of the heroes opposing Dent.

    Powers & Abilities

    Energy Manipulation

    The Powergirl of Earth-9 has the natural capacity to manipulate, transduce and reapply excess energy from within hers and the bodies of others in order to achieve an infinite array of superhuman skills and abilities which she can use for any number of affects. Gaining powers and abilities on par with that of her husband superman, as well with mainstream and different universe Kryptonians. Her control of dynamic forces is such she can effect healing and resurrection with ease. Having revitalized one of the fallen paramilitary troopers belonging to the Metal Men from death.

    Flight: Powergirl can manipulate her internal energy matrix in order to fly or hover under her own power with relative ease.

    Superhuman Strength: Strong enough to easily dispatch heavy hitters amongst the JLA whom crossed over into her universe and trade blows with the likes of her and Harvey's Earth 2 and New Earth counterparts in physical combat.

    Superhuman Speed: PG is fast and reactive enough to intercept the living light entity known as the Flash.

    Superhuman Stamina: Her ability to channel and redistribute energy throughout her body makes her effectively tireless. Lacking the need for rest or recuperation for a considerable amount of time.

    Superhuman Reflexes: Being easily quick enough to intercept Flash as she darted at her while a continuous beam of light energy.

    Superhuman Agility: Powergirl is incredibly limber, having enough adeptness at flight and acrobatic locomotion to outmaneuver most enemies with little difficulty.

    Invulnerability: Her natural capacity to manipulate energy on the macro-scopic level around and within her body makes her indestructible.

    Energy Projection: Powergirl's energy often manifest as flowing Kirby dots circling around her hands whenever she uses her powers. Other times she'll manifest a bright yellow Kanji Symbol reminiscent to the emblem on her chest as an offensive measure to deliver concussive energy blasts.

    Resurrection: As an avid master of energy, Powergirl could repurpose energy reserves in order to heal and revive the injured or deceased. Having done so with armed company's from two opposing sides before making her escape.

    Enhanced Intellect

    The Powergirl has an uncanny intellect to match her vast, potentially incalculable power levels. Having been able to pick up the tongue of her native homeland scant seconds after her fabrication; and then learn proper English etiquette in the short time she'd spent in the presence of invading american soldiers. She is also apt at strategy, espionage, deception and charade having used all of these talents at her disposal to infiltrate and sabotage a meeting between rebel forces and foreigners from another universe.


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